Gym Management Software with 24/7 Access Control System

Gym access control system designed for 24/7
controlled access

Gym management software with access control built Exclusively for Gyms

Smart Access Control For Your Gym

An all-in-one flexible gym management software with access control

The communication between our gym management software and the hardware is impressively instantaneous, swiftly compiling real-time data to provide enhanced insights into the security and utilization of your gym.

gym management software with access control system
Real-time usage data
Gym management software with offline mode Access control
Access even when the internet is down
Offline Mode Access Control

Access control even when your gym loses connection

Our smart access control reader can connect to the cloud to perform the necessary checks to authorize access, so even if your gym loses internet, our access control system will still work.
Gym management Software with Door Access

Effortlessly oversee your facility with an all-in-one gym management software solution, accessible from anywhere and at any time. With just a few clicks, you can easily configure specific access levels throughout your entire gym facility, enabling real-time provisioning and gaining valuable insights on members entering your gym.

Seamless Gym Access

Leverage our industry-leading gym management software & hardware to power your gym's success

Our gym check-in system provides a solution that can be accessed from any device. With Wellyx gym management software, members can utilize a variety of access methods, including mobile phones, cards, fobs, and wristbands.

gym management software with access control hardware
Industry-leading hardware
Gym management software with advanced access Control System
The complete solution
24/7 Touch Less Access Control

One software and one hardware fully integrated gym solution

Experience a fully interconnected access control system seamlessly integrated with your membership database in real-time, enhancing productivity levels at your gym.
Gym management software feedback by Pirates Surf
I am highly impressed with the system’s flexibility and the wide range of useful features it offers. As a unique fitness company, having access to such a versatile system is crucial for our operations. Whenever we encountered backend issues, the team promptly assisted us in resolving them. The user interface (UI) of the system is visually appealing and well-designed. Additionally, the support team is incredibly fast in addressing and resolving any issues that arise.

Chalie Zaragoza


Frequently Asked Questions

Members can unlock doors using their mobile phones connected via Bluetooth, NFC (Near Field Communication) cards, or fobs. This flexibility ensures that each member can choose the method that suits them best.
You can easily set time-based restrictions for your gym. This feature ensures that members can only access area during specific time slots, allowing you to manage facility usage effectively.
Our gym software is designed to be compatible with various door systems. Whether you have existing strike locks or turnstiles, our software can usually be integrated easily.
You can monitor and review access logs to keep a record of member entry activity. This enhances security and provides valuable insights into member engagement and gym usage patterns.
Access privileges can be automatically revoked, ensuring that only active members can access the gym facilities.

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