As the summer progresses, the motivation and passion of your clients start to contract. As the summer starts, extreme weather condition diverts the minds of the clients and lead to a decrease in the sales of gym memberships. Suppose you are a gym owner who wants, in the extreme conditions of the summer, your clients to visit your gym and their motivation and passion to maintain the same pace as they were having on New Year’s Eve. Thus, to maintain the consistency of your clients, all you need to do is to implement different marketing strategies and ideas. So you can attract new clients to your place and enable them to make their fitness pilgrimage. 

As per Gitnux’s research, around 63% of the clients attend the gym regularly during the first month of joining a gym. Moreover, the number of clients that attend the gym regularly reduces to 33% by the next 6 months. For example, if you consider January as the first month, you will see an increase in the number of clients attending the gym regularly. In the six months, when the summer progresses, that number reduces to 33%. So, you have to make sure that your gym has the same ratio during the first month till it reaches the sixth month. So, all you need to do is implement summer gym promotions to attract new clients and improve your gym sales. 

As a gym owner, you might have a question about what summer gym promotion ideas you need to implement in your gym to maintain consistency. Here, we will discuss the 5 summer gym promotional ideas that enable you to improve the sales of your gym in the extreme weather conditions of summer. 

Why does the summer season lead to challenges for gym owners? 

Normally, the extreme weather in summer is associated with vacations, beaches, picnics, leisure, and outdoor activities. But for gym owners like you, summer is associated with a lack of client attendance and a decrease in the sales of gym memberships. The majority of the clients in summer want to relax and avoid physical activities to stay hydrated. So, they prefer to swim in the  pools rather than shedding sweat in the gym. Moreover, clients travel to different destinations to enjoy the summer vacation and take a break from the hustle of daily life. Thus, all these possibilities lead to a decrease in gym traffic and class attendance. 

So, if you want your gym to grow financially even in the hot winds of summer, you have to implement strong summer gym promotion ideas. You have to implement strong promotional ideas that enable you to tackle the wanderlust nature of your clients and give them a break from the daily life hustle. But before implementing a summer gym promotional idea, you have to understand what your audience wants from your gym. Here are the components that enable you to craft a successful summer gym promotion and tackle the challenges that gym owners faces. 

Understand what your audience wants

Before implementing a promotion during summer for a successful gym, you have to understand what your audience wants from you. Thus, it is essential for you to do deep research about the target audience and design your gym promotion accordingly. For example, your gym is located in a place where, in summer, the temperature reaches around 113°F. Then, in this extreme weather condition, you can attract clients towards your gym by organizing a bootcamp in a mountainous range where temperatures range between 57°F to 86°F. Thus, this promotional idea not only enables you to attract new clients but also helps you to tackle the wanderlust nature of your clients. 

However, if your gym is located in a place where clients are sensitive to prices, offering 30% discounts in summer enables you to attract clients to your gym and improve the sales of your gym. So, it is quite important for you to understand your target audience before implementing any idea for your gym promotion. 

Set a goal for your gym promotional ideas

After understanding what your target audience wants from your gym, it is essential for you to set a goal. A goal that enables you to define what you want to achieve after implementing a particular gym promotion idea. Setting a goal will not only help you to attract new clients but also enable you to put great effort into achieving that goal. Also, it enables you to choose the path that enables you to reach the results of your promotion in minimal time. 

For example, in your gym, you want to target the audience that moves to the mountains for relaxation and self-healing. In your town, there are a large number of audience that move their path towards the hills for refreshment. Thus, to increase your gym sales and to move one step ahead of your competition, you have to choose the path of outdoor bootcamp in a hilly area. So, it enables you to meet the requirements of the target audience and also fulfill your goal of increasing gym sales. 

5 summer gym promotion ideas 

After making a research analysis and setting goals about summer gym promotion, you have to ensure to implement the ideas that attract clients in the hot winds of summer. You can use the 5 best summer gym promotion ideas that not only enable you to attract clients but also establish your gym as a brand. 

Buy one, get one free

If your gym operates in an area where the audience is quite price-sensitive, you can implement the promotional policy of buy one, get one free. Thus, you have to make sure that your gym offers your clients a deal they can’t refuse in the warmth of summer. You can make a bundle for summer in which, for a month or two-month membership, you offer your clients an additional one or two-month membership for free. 

As per the Livestrong research, an average gym in the USA charges around $517 annually for a gym membership. After offering a buy one, get one free offer in summer, these gyms have room for profit. So, it is essential for you to implement the offer that enables you to attract the price-sensitive audience by offering them a one or two-month free membership. This offer enables you to attract clients in the extreme weather of summer when your competition is losing its potential clients. 

Complimentary personal training session 

If you want to fill the empty spaces of your gym with potential clients, you have to offer your clients complimentary personal training sessions. This promotional idea enables you to attract clients as well as retain the existing ones who want to try new things. You can organize free training sessions like summer classes in schools. Thus, your clients learn different skill sets at the price of one. 

For example, In your gym, apart from strength training, you also offer classes such as Yoga, Zumba, and HIIT training. Your clients are distributed among different classes. By offering complimentary personal training sessions about all these classes, you can re-allocate your audience, and they will learn about the new skills. This promotion also acts as a word-of-mouth marketing to attract clients and increase client retention rate. So, implementing free personal training sessions in your gym enables you to promote a healthy lifestyle and also allows your clients to try new skills at the price of one. 

Get leads by bringing a friend for free

You can also implement a summer offer in your gym in which your clients can get a lead by bringing their friends to the gym for free. It is a sort of marketing strategy that you can use to increase sales in the month of summer. During hot summer days, you can implement this policy where your clients can bring one friend to a gym. This idea not only enables you to attract new clients but also establishes your gym as a brand among your competition. Moreover, getting a lead by referring your gym to a friend enables you to gain the trust of your clients. 

However, having a gym partner increases the probability of attending gym classes. Thus, it is essential for you to implement this promotional idea during the summer. For example, If your gym is facing a decrease in client retention rate in the summer, it is essential for you to implement the referral program. This referral program acts as a marketing strategy as well as enable you to improve the sales of your gym. 

Partner with other businesses 

To increase your business sales in summer, you can also partner with different businesses in the nearby area. Thus, this idea enables your gym and your partner to attract clients who are fond of fitness and that brand. You can tie up with a coffee shop, ice-cream parlour, or swimming pool where your potential clients can go to beat the heat of the shining summer. 

For example, during summer days, you can tie up your gym yoga class with a coffee shop deal operating in your area. You can name that tie-up as “yoga and coffee tasting morning.” In this tie, you can offer a cup of coffee to your client after attending the class. Moreover, you can also provide your clients with 3-day visits to the gym and have a free swimming pool ride. So, all these deals enable you to attract new clients and increase the sales of your partner and gym. 

Cash-in corporate challenges

If you want to change the path of different business competitiveness into your gym profits, you can implement the seasonal promotional idea of corporate challenges. In these challenges, you can invite two local businesses and organize a fitness challenge among them. The competitive nature of business enables them to take part in that challenge where their employees can take part and showcase their fitness. 

This friendly competition between business rivals is a great way to sell more memberships in summer while encouraging mass to start their journey towards fitness. For example, you can organize a HIIT training challenge among two competitors in the local business where two rival company employees can take part. Every business in that challenge wants to win. Thus, to win, they can give time and money to their employees to stay fit and perform HIIT training on a daily basis. Thus, this competition also enables you to sell membership to these companies where their employees can perform intense training and enable them to win the contest. 

Bottom line

If you want to run your gym successfully and gain high profits in the summer, you have to make sure to implement one of the top 5 summer gym promotion ideas. These ideas not only enable you to attract new clients at a time when your competition is losing potential clients but also enable you to increase your brand value. So, implement these summer gym promotion ideas in your gym and lead your business to new heights.