Undoubtedly, every person in the fitness industry has felt massive growth in the past few years. However, people who have been witnessing the development and evaluation are looking forward to being a part of the fitness industry. Additionally,  the existing ones look forward to expanding the business further by affiliating with other big names. 

If we simply look at the statistics, It is pretty visible how tremendously the industry has grown in 2022. The total industry was 96.7 billion USD, and just in a few years, by 2028, the industry is projected to reach around 131.9 billion USD

After becoming aware of the growth rate, if you are looking forward to buying a franchise to avail gym franchise opportunities using the branded name, you are welcome to find the perfect match franchise from the following. They are top-listed franchises and have been renowned and recognized for quite some time in the market. 

6 Gym and fitness franchises you can buy 

Here is a list of franchises you can find for yourself in your localities. All especially align according to the requirements and the lifestyle. 

Planet fitness 

planet fitness

Planet Fitness provides training services along with other fitness training facilities. They are available in various locations and on behalf of their satisfied customers we can say that they are all of top-notch quality. They provide a comfortable environment for their client to train with a free spirit. 

Franchise purchasing fee Estimated Investment No. of franchises 

Anytime fitness

anytime fitness

Anytime Fitness has been in the market for quite a while since it was first launched in 2002 and has expanded well since then. It provides 24/7 services whenever customers want to train; they are free to visit. Moreover, as it seems clear, even by the name, it offers services to any of its members anytime, anywhere, wherever they have franchises. They provide various services, including Zumba, cardio, yoga, and many other facilities.

Anytime Fitness prefers a supportive environment for their client so they can enjoy their exercise. They provide a highly qualified team with extensive experience. 

Franchise purchasing fee Estimated Investment No. of franchises 
$3,150 to $42,500$58,870 to $521,4374,000+

Gold’s gym

gold's gym

The next up on the list is quite a renowned gym in the USA, with different famous gym members. They have a very strong base, as they have franchises in 29 states. Moreover, around the world, they have about 30 million gym members. 

Franchise purchasing fee Estimated Investment No. of franchises 
$32,000 to $40,000$2.2 million to $5 million700

If you are looking forward to choosing Gold Gym, immediately ensure you have a bank balance of 3-6 million. However, undoubtedly, it has its own market value in almost every country.

Orange Theory fitness

orange theory fitness

Orange Theory Fitness provides an absolutely exclusive yet extensive workout experience for group workouts. They are well-equipped for people of diverse fitness ranges and skills, as participants can advance at their own pace. In the coach-led workouts, participants are given heart-rate monitors that display their results on screens throughout the room as the hour-long, interval-based programs take place. It allows participants to track their progress while stacking it up with others in a similar class. If you are someone who thrives on competition, this gym franchise is your call. 

Franchise purchasing fee Estimated Investment No. of franchises 

Blink fitness

blink fitness

Well, a franchise for the ones acquiring a simple yet affordable gym franchise opportunity to provide the best services. It is highly affordable for the customer, which makes it more accessible. It provides the simplest exercising routines and has been a great, reputable entity in the fitness industry for a long time now. It helps to motivate and support the client to the fullest and helps them achieve their goals. 

Franchise purchasing fee Estimated Investment No. of franchises 

Pure barre

pure barre

PureBarre is vividly known as the most friendly brand as it ultimately provides support and helps boost the customers’ morale. Usually, during the classes, the energy and enthusiasm are above the roof. It allows people to provide various effective services that offer full-body workouts and make your body more flexible and agile. It is the only one that offers services for the best barre as it’s connected to the roots. Moreover, in addition to their signature classes, Pure Barre proudly makes revenue by providing teacher training and selling premium workout gear.

Franchise purchasing fee Estimated Investment No. of franchises 

Fitness together 

If you are looking forward to owning a franchise that deals with a little privacy and helps introverts enjoy their fitness journey themselves, It is somehow one of the most unique franchises as it provides personalized training in suites. However, if we talk about the establishment, it’s been two decades since it came into being. 

It is based on a unique and personal training model and, undoubtedly, a very reputable yet affordable franchise. However, it does limit the membership intake because it offers an individual space. Otherwise, it’s a great model for fitness training. 


No matter how much advice you get from various people, undoubtedly, they make a big difference as it’s a big game of word of mouth. Regardless, it’s your effort to make sure the franchise you choose will be the one you want. However, if you are new and do not know what to find out and what you require, you must make a detailed list of the characteristics you will need in the franchise. This might include the investment money, the price of the franchise, existing branches or franchises, insurance, or security. Moreover, you can research more about how they run theory marketing campaigns, how their customer support works, and the list goes on. 

You can get help from various reliable resources, such as banks because they are the perfect asset to determine which franchise is more money-reliable. The most important thing you must add to your list of dos is, after narrowing down the list of the franchises, you must interview the franchises. By doing this, you’ll be exposed to how they treat their partners, and mainly, you can clear out any of the queries face to face and will be satisfied to full. After analyzing the characteristics, you can better examine which gym franchise opportunity will be better for you.