Gym owners spend endless hours finding the competitive advantage to stay ahead and keep fitness facilities up-to-date in the fitness industry. In search of a competitive advantage, gym owners often overlook the essential aspect of how the gym members access the gym facility. As a gym owner, you always want to create a safe environment that enables your clients to enjoy their fitness journey and give your gym a competitive edge. Thus, to create a secure environment for your clients, you need to install a key fob solution for your gym. 

This access control solution enables you to control anyone’s entry and exit in your facility. Moreover, it allows you to ensure that only authorized persons can access your gym. According to allied market research, the access control hardware market generated revenue of about $108.3 million in 2022. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.0% and generate revenue of $231.3 million by 2032

Apart from creating a safe and secure environment in your gym, you might have a question: how much does a key fob system for a gym cost? The answer to this question is affected by several different factors. But you don’t need to worry. Here, we will discuss all these factors and shortlist the 5 cheapest options for key fob systems.  

Top consideration for choosing a gym key fob system 

As a gym owner, you want an access control system that ensures the best security with 24/7 gym access. You also know that the more complex the access control system, the more costlier it will become. Thus, you must consider the following factors before selecting your gym’s correct key fob system. These factors enable you to estimate the cost and choose the right key fob system. 

Size of the gym 

Before planning to implement a key fob system in your gym, you have to consider the following questions. 

  • How big is the size of your gym? 
  • How many gym members are expected to use your gym? 

The larger your gym, the higher the initial investment required to install key fob solutions. This includes purchasing a greater number of key fobs and installing more access control points throughout the facility. Conversely, if you have a small gym and accommodate limited members, you require fewer key fobs and access points. So, before selecting the security plan, you need to consider the size of the gym and the number of members your gym will accommodate on a daily basis. 

Number of entry and exit points

After estimating the size of your gym, the next step is to decide on the number of entry and exit points. As it directly impacts the cost consideration for implementing a key fob system. You have to consider the following questions: 

  • How many doors, gates, or turnstiles are there in your gym? 
  • How many doors are there per floor? 
  • Do you want to limit your members’ access control to specific areas? 

Each entry and exit point in your gym requires an access control device, which adds to the overall expense. If you have a larger gym with multiple entrances, and specialized areas like locker rooms require more access control devices. Similarly, smaller gyms with few entrances and exits require few devices. Moreover, you also need to consider the number of floors in your gym while selecting the correct key fob solution. 


You need to consider the placement of the key fob system components when evaluating cost-effective options for your gym. Strategic placement of access control solutions such as card readers or key fob systems ensures efficient access management while minimizing installation and maintenance costs. 

Thus, you need to place the key fob system close to the power source and the internet router. Moreover, the key fob system works on a wireless access control system. Thus, it connects with different servers at once without any problems or interference. By carefully planning the placement of the key fob system, you can maximize the benefits of the access control solution and ensure a safe and secure environment for your clients. 

Access control system brand

For a secure and safe environment, the brand of your access control system is also essential. It helps you determine your equipment features, price, and quality. After analyzing the size of the gym and the number of doors, you need to find one brand that suits your gym facility. Thus, to decide on what brand you are going to choose to ensure the security of your gym, you have to outline some critical features: 

  • Brand reputation: You must first consider the reputation of the company you will choose. Moreover, you also have to check whether the company you select offers any warranties or guarantees for the product and, if so, what kind. 
  • Features: You also have to consider the features the company you are selecting offers.

Thus, you have to select a trusted brand known for cost-effective solutions and a good reputation in the market. This enables you to install a key fob system in your gym that meets your security needs while remaining within budget constraints. 

Top 5 cheapest key fob system options

After analyzing the top considerations for selecting a key fob system, we have shortlisted the top 5 cheapest but best access control solutions. All the top 5 key fob systems offer exceptional features so that you can secure your gym premises on a minimum budget. Moreover, it also enables you to ensure a good user experience in your gym. 

Wellyx gym software

Being the top among the 5 cheapest key fob systems, Wellyx promises stability. The best part that makes Wellyx the top contender is that it offers an all-in-one solution for your gym. This software system provides cutting-edge technology that brings innovation to your gym. With a key fob access control system, it also offers additional features. All these features enable you to streamline gym operations from class scheduling to client management. Moreover, an advanced POS system allows you to create a secure environment for digital transactions. 

The key fob system by Wellyx gym software ensures 24/7 gym access for your clients. Furthermore, its access control feature enables you to restrict your clients’ movement in specific areas of your gym. This gym management software with a mobile pass solution gives the access control system a modern touch. 

Key features: 

  • Automated check-in feature
  • Cloud-based management
  • Class scheduling feature 
  • Scalable for multiple sites 
  • Integration with mobile application

Wellyx pricing plan

Wellyx offers a pricing plan that is quite affordable and covers all the additional features in the price of the key fob system. So, you can provide your clients with a good fitness experience without any conflict with the budget. 

Plan Excel Exceed Ultimate
Monthly cost$79$119$149


This door entry system is another candidate that makes its way to the list of 5 cheapest options in 2024. It offers a comprehensive solution for your gym that enables you to ensure both safety and convenience. This key fob system is a cloud-based management system that enables you to manage access to your premises from anywhere. Moreover, it also allows you to see a live video of your premises in real-time. 

Besides door entry systems, Brivo offers a cloud-based access control system named Brivo Onair and IP door controllers named Brivo ACS. Mobile pass solutions also enable your clients to access your gym easily. So, your clients can access your gym with a modern touch without carrying any key card. 

Key features: 

  • Offers a user-friendly interface
  • The mobile access feature minimizes the need for cards
  • Provides a cloud-based management system
  • Integration with other security systems. 

Brivo pricing plan

Brivo offers a starting price of $13.50 for the first two doors, which changes to $7.50 per door for the next eight doors. Moreover, for 10 doors, it offers a starting price of $199 per month

HID Global 

The HID global system is a key fob system that focuses on multi-factor authentication and has a sterling reputation. These door entry systems enable you to ensure that only authorized individuals get access to your gym. Thus, HID Global allows you to create an environment where your clients have peace of mind regarding security issues. 

It also offers a user-friendly mobile application so clients can easily access premises without using a key card. Moreover, this key fob system has also made its specific presence in mobile and biometric access systems with vast product lines such as HID Prox and iClassSE. 

Key features 

  • Offers multi-authentication options
  • Have built-in advanced tracking and reporting system
  • Wide compatibility with existing systems 
  • Follow secure data encryption standards

HID Global pricing plan 

HID Global offers different pricing plans as it offers an access system for key fob, mobile, and biometric systems. 

  • For SmartID SWD100 Read/Write, it charges $400 per month. 
  • The IClass SE/multiClass SE smart card reader costs around $900 monthly. 


The Kisi key fob system is another innovative access control system with a cloud-driven approach. With this door system, you get real-time event logging that ensures you are always in the loop. Moreover, it offers an additional feature of guest pass generation that instantly generates visitor passes. 

It also offers mobile-based credentials so your clients can enter the gym without needing a key card. They simply tap the mobile phone instead of a key card and get easy access to the premises. 

Key features

  • Offer an instant guest pass generation 
  • Also, have offline access capabilities
  • It also provides mobile and web access 
  • It gives real-time updates and notifications

Kisi pricing plan

Kisi offers different pricing plans for its Reader Pro and Controller Pro 2, starting at $749 and $1099


This door entry system revolutionized the access control system with data-on-card technology. It enables your client to access your gym without any hustle. SALTO  is a cloud-based platform that offers scalability and real-time updates. 

Moreover, it also provides multi-site management capabilities with seamless integration with video surveillance. Products like SVN  combine a modern reporting and tracking system with mobile access. 

Key features

  • Energy-efficient battery-operated locks
  • Provides real-time alerts and surveillance 
  • Cloud-based management platform

SALTO pricing plan

Salto has a flexible and customizable pricing plan but has not listed it on the website. 

Final Takeaway

As you can see, there are many elements that determine the cost of the key fob system for the gym. After discussing these cost elements, we have shortlisted the top 5 cheapest options. All these options enable you to create an environment of enhanced security and a good client experience. Choose the best key fob system that suits your gym.