Suppose you are a gym owner with a vision to inspire and motivate clients far beyond the boundaries of your gym. You are the number one trainer in the town with a 65% market share in the industry, but still, you cannot fulfill your vision of inspiring people towards fitness beyond the physical walls of the gym. You did deep research to find a method that enables you to connect with the world and allows you to attract clients worldwide. During internet surfing, you came across the term online fitness classes that gave hope to your vision, and you started working on fulfilling it. 

But, after spending some time preparing lectures and targeting a relatable online audience, you realize that the concept of online fitness classes is new to you and raises a question in your mind “What are people looking for in online fitness classes?” 

As per Gitnux’s research, the global fitness market size was expected to grow at a CAGR of 41.84% between 2021 and 2022. However, the online fitness industry is expected to generate a revenue of $79.87 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 49.12%. 

This means that adding online fitness classes to your gym cart not only allows you to inspire people to fitness around the globe but also helps you stabilize your gym financially by increasing gym membership sales. But finding the answer to your question is not as easy as it seems. However, you don’t need to worry about it. Here, we’ll discuss the factors that your clients are looking for in the online classes you are offering. Moreover, we are also going to discuss the essential online fitness courses that people love.

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6 things people are looking for in your gym online classes

Before starting your gym online courses, you have to understand what your clients are looking for in the online classes. These classes enable your clients from anywhere around the globe to take your gym classes at any time. Thus, it allows your clients to keep up with their fitness goals with their busty routines. So, here are 7 things your clients look for before enrolling in an online fitness class. 


One of the most critical factors that shift fitness freaks towards online fitness routines is the flexibility of these classes. Before virtual workout classes, clients who are enrolled in the gym are required to leave the house to go to the gym and achieve their fitness goals. Some of the fitness freaks were having tough routines at that time that didn’t allow them to keep pace with their fitness pilgrimage. However, with virtual classes, all such clients who have a busty routine can keep up with their fitness goals at a time when they are free. 

For example, your gym has the latest facility in the town that attracts clients from the nearby cities as well. So clients can achieve the physical fitness that they want. However, some of the clients who wish to achieve their fitness goals are not able to reach your gym as they have a bustling routine that doesn’t permit them to get to your gym. With the introduction of virtual workouts, you are providing all such clients a chance to keep up their fitness goals. So, when you are going to market your virtual workout classes, also include the time-saving benefits of these classes.

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High-quality learning

Apart from the flexibility of your virtual classes, your clients demand a high-quality learning experience from your fitness studio. A high-quality learning experience includes: 

  •  A background that gives your clients the vibe of the fitness studio.
  • Your studio lighting offers clients a clear visual of the training. 
  • Your audio quality so that your clients can listen.
  • Secure and fast Internet connection so your clients can see everything on time 
  • Your expertise inspires your clients to be fitness freaks like you. 

So, a high-quality learning experience gives your clients a feeling of personal training in the gym, where they can also seek a personal assistant. Moreover, one-on-one communication with your clients also adds up to giving your clients an exceptional fitness experience. 

For example, you started online classes in your fitness center with the intention of inspiring clients from far-off places.  You made a complete setup, arranging lights and audio mics with a camera. However, the place where you are recording your lecture is not clean and is a complete mess. Moreover, the audio quality is also awful. It gives the clients attending the virtual workout class a very unpleasant experience, and they start to leave your classes. So, before starting your fitness class, you have to make sure that you have arranged all the necessary equipment for a remarkable fitness experience for your clients. 

Access to the pros

Another prime factor attracting clients to online classes is the ease of connecting from anywhere, anytime, the clients can take courses from the pro experts of the fitness industry. The personal trainer in the nearby gym might specialize in one or two types of training, and that gym might offer one or two training options. However, in virtual workout classes, clients get more options and access to gyms that offer more than one or two training options. 

For example, You own a gym in a town and have 3 personal trainers to provide assistance to your clients, while in your gym, you offer only strength training and cardio training. Clients from the nearby area came to your place and started training. But, when you take the move of conducting online classes, clients avoid taking part in the classes. The trainers you have hired are not adequately qualified, and you only offer two fitness options. Thus, to attract your clients online, you have to add more options for training while including more professional and skilled trainers for the classes. 

Simple, easy sign-ups 

If you want to attract new clients to your fitness classes and give them a remarkable fitness experience, you have to ensure that you offer them a system for simple and easy sign-ups. You have to make sure that your gym has an adequate system that enables your clients to make simple sign-ups while making appointments for online classes. Clients love to make appointments and register for their online classes with just a few clicks. The ease of signing up for virtual workouts enables your client to have a good fitness experience. 

For example, you have started online classes, which offer various options, from dance classes to yoga. Moreover, you also use high-quality audio and visual equipment to ensure a high-quality learning experience. Your fitness class also has renowned personal trainers from accredited institutions with PT training qualifications. But, you still face problems while arranging the online courses. The reason behind this is that the sign-up options are quite tough and hectic for your clients. When they start to sign up, they feel like a mission-impossible sequel. So, you have to make sure that you use gym management software that enables you to provide your clients easy access to your classes. 

Workouts you don’t need (much) equipment for

Most people don’t have the necessary space or budget to dedicate a place as their personal gym. So, they want if they are looking for a virtual workout class, it should be one that doesn’t require any(much) necessary equipment to train. So the client can perform the workout at home with ease. To make your clients feel at ease, you have to make sure that the classes you are offering require minimal equipment. 

For example, you are organizing a fitness class and meeting all the requirements that your clients want, from flexible timing to easy sign-ups. But, the courses that you are offering to your clients require professional equipment. Then, your client might face issues in attending your virtual classes and don’t get related. So, to ensure a good fitness experience for your clients, you have to ensure that you include workouts that require minimal to no equipment to perform an exercise. 

5 best online fitness classes that require minimal equipment 

So, to make your clients comfortable and meet their online class requirements, you have to make sure that you offer them the best workouts. Here are the top 5 best online workouts that meet the requirements of your clients in terms of affordability, novelty, and accessibility. 


Pilates workouts are one of the top contenders that make it into the list of the 5 best online fitness workouts. These workouts are low impact and will enable your clients to strengthen their body muscles. Moreover, a Pilates workout enables your clients to improve their body mobility and posture. The reason why pilates is preferred for online workouts is that it can be taught equipment-free and helps your clients achieve their fitness goals with ease. 

Cardio boxing 

If you want your client to sweat during the online workouts with minimal workouts, you have to go for the cardio boxing option. Cardio boxing enables you to get your client’s heart racing in minimal time and give them intense sweating. This workout is a combination of traditional boxing movements such as shadow boxing, blows, and sparring delivered to a boxing bag. Moreover, it gives your clients an aerobic training effect that enables them to reach fitness goals with just a boxing bag. 


If you want to reach an audience from different age groups and skill levels, you have to go for online yoga classes. Moreover, it allows you to give fitness training to your clients with just a mat. By using yoga, you can enable your clients to improve their body posture, flexibility, balance, strength, and body awareness. 


Plyometrics is another option that you can use for your online fitness classes, as it is easy to instruct. Moreover, it doesn’t require any equipment, so it also becomes an ease for your clients who want to perform workouts at home. Pushups, planks, and squats are common exercises that anybody can do in real life and require no equipment. But, if you combine the application of gravity with squats, planks, and pushups, you allow your clients to improve neuromuscular coordination, functional movement, agility, and balance. 


For online classes, dance is another option that enables you to attract clients while giving them fitness training that requires no equipment. Dance is not an exercise limited to the body; but it is also good for your soul. Whether you are giving your clients training in hip-hop dance or salsa, you allow them a good and memorable time and a killer workout. Dance allows you to improve your clients’ muscular strength, endurance, and motor fitness. 

Affordable classes 

Another important aspect that enables you to attract clients worldwide is the affordability of your online fitness classes. This means that the class you are offering to your clients has a moderate price. So your clients can easily pay the subscription fees. Moreover, you are not going to pay for the rent of the fitness studio. You don’t have to limit the classes due to the number of clients. So, you have to set a price for your clients that is affordable for them. 

For example, you start fitness classes while meeting all the requirements that your clients love, but you still charge a high fee for your class compared to your competition. This high price not only enables you to lose clients but also reduces an additional revenue stream. So, it is essential for you to make your class affordable for your clients so that they can have an exceptional fitness experience. 

Bottom line

Virtual workout classes are an excellent opportunity for gym owners like you, but they are still not able to draw as much revenue from them as expected. They lack an understanding of what people are looking for in online fitness classes. 

If you want to avoid the mistakes your competition makes in organizing the online classes, you must ensure that you meet all the requirements that your clients want from the online courses. In this way, you can make your online fitness classes more effective and give your clients an exceptional fitness experience.