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Simplify the check-in process for your gym members

Eliminate the need for manual check-ins, saving time and enhancing efficiency for both staff and members.

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Waiting Lists - icon

Waiting Lists

Never miss out on a spot, our gym software system will notify members when openings are available.

Express Bookings - icon

Express Bookings

Secure classes or training sessions instantly, ensuring a seamless reservation process for your gym members.

Split Payments - icon

Split Payments

Offer flexible payment options to your gym members by enabling split payments.

Multiple Payment Methods - icon

Multiple Payment Methods

Conveniently accept payments through various channels, giving your gym members flexibility.

Easy Reschedule Options - icon

Easy Reschedule Options

Allow gym members to effortlessly reschedule their bookings or classes through online profiles.

Branded Apps - icon

Branded Apps

Offer customized mobile applications with your branding to your gym members.

Member Specific Offers - icon

Gym Member Specific Offers

Create specific offers for your members including classes, products, and personal training sessions.

Automatic Refunds - icon

Automatic Refunds

Streamline the refund process, demonstrating your commitment to excellent customer service.

Partial Payments - icon

Partial Payments

Empower your gym members to make purchases and pay in installments.

All-in-One Gym software
Classes, Events, Bookings & Products

Providing convenience & flexibility to your gym members

Manage and offer a variety of services, including classes, personal training, events, bookings, and products, through an all-in-one gym management software.

Online Widget Bookings - icon

Online Widget Bookings

Enable online booking for your gym members through a widget embedded on your website.

App Based Purchases - icon

Branded App Based Purchases

Allow gym members to make purchases directly from their smartphones using your branded app.

Family & Friends - icon

Family & Friends

Simplify payment management by allowing family members and friends to link their payment methods.

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