Gym Forms and Waivers Software for Paperless documentation

Digital forms, a paperless experience for your gym leads & members

Gym forms and waivers software builtExclusively for Gyms

Fully-Customizable Forms

Wellyx empowers you to create customizable forms tailored to your specific needs

Utilize our gym forms and waivers software’s intuitive drag-and-drop form builder to effortlessly add fields such as signatures, display text, dates, checkboxes, and more. Customize the appearance by changing background or text colors, incorporating field validations, and previewing forms in realtime as you build them.

Gym Software to manage Forms and Waivers
Don’t let paper forms slow you down
Gym Software with Streamlined Data Management
Get the information you need
Gym Software To Create Instant Digital Forms

Seamlessly collect and organize important lead and gym member data

As soon as a lead or a gym member fills in a digital form, you’ll be able to view their submission in their profile. Choose to allow your members to access and view completed forms as well. This is particularly useful for minimum-term contracts.

Gym Software with digital forms

Get a new level of functionality for your online data with a seamless setup provided by Wellyx gym forms and waivers software. Quickly begin collecting a wide range of data with ease. With multiple field types and the ability to customize designs using a theme builder, you can create digital forms that perfectly align with your gym's requirements, resulting in functional and visually appealing forms.

Multi-Page & Mandatory Forms

Split complex forms into easy multi-page forms with ease through gym management software

By implementing form splitting, you can enhance engagement, improve the user experience, and combat form fatigue, resulting in higher form conversions. With gym forms and waivers software’s advanced rules, you have the flexibility to designate certain forms as mandatory or non-mandatory. Enjoy the benefits of an easy-to-use and robust forms feature that effortlessly combines simplicity and power.

Gym Software with Multi-Page Forms
Create multi-page forms
Gym software with Secure Data Management
Do your bit to save the planet with gym software
Secure Your Data & Save The Planet

Get all your gym member's information, whenever you need it

Transitioning to a paperless work environment not only demonstrates your commitment to the environment but also offers significant benefits. By going paperless with our gym forms and waivers software, you can save on supplies and maintenance costs while streamlining data collection.

Gym management software feedback by Bromley Fitness Center
You guys are always great, and I agree that you value our thoughts and opinions (unlike our previous software company), which is important.

Oliver Attard


Frequently Asked Questions

You can add fields, checkboxes, dropdown menus, and more to capture the information you need from your members.
When a member makes a booking, the necessary forms, such as waivers or questionnaires, are automatically generated and associated with their reservation.

Absolutely! Wellyx gym forms and waivers software understands the importance of terms & conditions. Our software allows you to include these legal documents within your digital forms. Members can read and agree to them digitally, providing a convenient and secure way to handle necessary legal agreements.

You can search, filter, and export data as needed, enabling you to efficiently manage member records and stay organized.
Members can conveniently fill out the forms on their preferred device, enhancing the user experience and allowing for greater flexibility in completing necessary documentation.

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