Gym Gift Cards System to sustain member interests

Encourage members and boost sales with gym gift cards software

Gym gift cards software built Exclusively for Gyms

AI-Generated Gift Card Numbers

Say goodbye to manual gift card number generation

Our gift cards system utilizes AI technology to generate unique and secure gift card numbers, ensuring efficiency and eliminating the risk of duplication.

Gym Software with AI technology for gift cards
Easy-to-create gift cards with our gym gift cards software
Gym software with Custom Designs for gift cards
Personal gift cards with personal messages
Customize Gift Cards With Gift Cards Software

Get the freedom to create your own gift cards

Personalize gift cards with customized messages, images, and prices for each recipient. Hide sender’s information, catering to individual preferences and adding a self-touch.
Gym Software with Gift Card Tracking

Track gift cards effortlessly, aided by AI-generated numbers for enhanced security. Set selling limits and customize activation or expiry dates for special occasions. Simplify online purchases and seamless application while offering customized amounts. Elevate your gifting experience with ease and flexibility through Wellyx.

Online Purchase And Easy Application

Improve gifting experience with our gift cards software

Allow your gym members to purchase online, send gift cards to loved ones, and let recipients enjoy purchasing items of their choice. Simplify the process, boost satisfaction, and drive revenue.

Gym software with Online Gift Card Purchases
Drive revenue with our gym software's gift cards
Gym Software that Monitors Gift Card Transactions
Include personal training, classes, and events to your gift cards
Comprehensive Gift Card Tracking With Gym Gift Cards Software

Stay informed and maintain accurate records effortlessly

Our software provides efficient gift card tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor the usage, balances, and transaction history of each gift card.

Gym Software feedback by Clannlife Fitness

We have loved working with Wellyx and have found the support team very useful. Rebecca has always been on hand to help with any issues we have had. 😊

Evan Mahon

Assistant Leisure Club Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Our gym software supports e-gift cards, allowing you to offer digital gift cards that can be delivered directly to recipients via email.

Members can visit your website or dedicated gift card page and easily purchase gift cards through a secure online transaction.

Our gift cards management software offers flexible options for gift card redemption. You can choose whether the gift cards are redeemable for specific gym services, such as personal training sessions or classes, or if they can be used flexibly towards any offerings at your gym.

Absolutely! Our gift cards software offers a range of designs and themes for gift cards. Gym members can select from pre-designed templates or choose a specific theme that suits the occasion or their preferences.

You can track gift card usage, manage balances, and generate reports to streamline your gift card operations and make informed business decisions.

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