Gym Automation System

Create a centralized gym automation system to manage routine operations. The system enhances the member experience and enables you to easily manage routine operations. It offers IoT solutions to make gym access easier and allows you to track attendance records and monitor payments.

Membership management

The automation system saves you from the manual hassle of processing data. It automatically categorizes your data and allows you to create flexible payment plans, offer diverse membership options and personalized packages.  In addition, using the gym automation system, you can offer incentives and reward programs to your customers. These features serve in different ways, making you stand out from your competitors.

Automated check-in system

Integration of the gym automation system eliminates the need to manually enter details for check-in and check-out. Enable your members to use advanced methods such as key fobs and biometric scanners to access gym facilities.

Online membership database

Grow your business without worry about the storage capacity of the gym management software. You can store as much data of your staff members and customers as you require. The software offers a cloud storage facility enabling administrators to easily store and access the information of each person associated with the gym.

Membership renewal automation

Automation renewal ensures that no gym member remains with pending fees. In this way, the gym automation system improves cash flow and enhances customer retention rates. You can automate sending reminders and notifications for membership renewal. In addition, the system also enables your members to renew their memberships from the gym’s website and mobile application.

Personalized member experiences

Using member’s data, you can offer customized services to meet customers’ expectations.  Furthermore, customers can reserve their classes, track their progress, and update their personal information.

Billing and automation tools

The gym automation system offers robust and secured billing tools. These tools allow members to identify customer’s purchasing patterns. Furthermore, you can easily manage recurring payments while avoiding delays. The system maintains the transaction history to create transparency and saves your business from any sort of legal liabilities.

Access control

Manage the access level of your staff and gym members using the access control system. Prevent unauthorized access by ensuring only registered members use gym facilities.

Key fobs

The system enables your members to use key fobs to verify their identities and then grant access. It is a handheld chip that stores member information. The system verifies their identities through it, when users integrate it with the access control system.

Biometric scanners

During the enrollment process, the gym automation system stores biometric data such as fingerprints. This information becomes useful for verifying gym member’s identity using biological characteristics.

Mobile access

Save your gym members from the frustration of waiting and offer convenience in gym access. Enable your gym members to mark their attendance from their mobile devices. Furthermore, they can reserve classes and process payments from their mobile devices.

Gym software with memberships

Be the trendsetter in the gym industry.

Integration of the gym management system changes the dynamics of managing a gym studio. The software elevates customer experience to the next level and expedites the sales process. Furthermore, it creates various opportunities to diversify services that make you stand out from the competition. 

In addition, it is simple to use, enabling your staff members to easily operate and manage schedules. Saving your costs in the long run and reducing the workload. Not only this, the software also makes your gym studio popular among gym enthusiasts.

The software simplifies daunting routine tasks and serves fitness businesses of all sizes. Adopt the new methods of managing a gym studio and achieve a more sustainable position in the market. Introduce new trends in the industry by ensuring your success in a dominating way.

Online gym booking system

Inventory management

Make more informed decisions regarding inventory management with a gym automation system. The software automatically updates inventory when a customer purchases a product, saving from overstocking and product shortages. Furthermore, it allows you to overcome various challenges you often face during inventory management. Demand forecasting does not remain an issue, and you can quickly identify inventory loss and locate the correct item in its place.

Store videos

Offering workout videos to gym members is like creating a new income stream for your gym business. The gym automation system allows you to provide essential content to gym members who can physically join the classes. Furthermore, they can set a playlist and apply filters to get specific videos. Facilitate your customers and create opportunities to grow your business.

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