Gym Loyalty Program to make members feel appreciated

Increase member retention with our loyalty program for gyms

Custom loyalty program built Exclusively for Gyms

Earn Points For Every Gym Visit And Activity

Motivate your gym members to stay active and engaged through our reward system

Create a reward system of your own and choose for your members if they can earn points for each visit to the gym, attending classes, participating in activities, and achieving fitness milestones.

gym software with rewards points
Motivate your gym members
Gym Software with reward points system
Your gym, your rules
Redeem Points for Exciting Rewards

Allow your gym members to enjoy tangible rewards for their loyalty and efforts

With the unique feature built into our gym loyalty program software, your gym members can redeem points to access exclusive gym experiences and activities, further enhancing their fitness journey.

gym software with Customizable Reward Program

Our reward program feature empowers gym owners with a comprehensive gym loyalty program system to drive member retention and engagement. Design a reward program that aligns with your gym's goals. Incentivize referrals and gym member activities, track rewards, and gain valuable insights through the intuitive dashboard and reports.

Gym Referral Program

Encourage member advocacy and word-of-mouth marketing with our built-in referral program

You can allow your gym members to earn points for referring their friends, family, or colleagues to the gym. Motivate members to participate in various gym initiatives actively.

gym software to unlock points
Encourage word-of-mouth marketing
gym software with reward tracking
Increase gym member engagement
Rewards Tracking

Easily track members’ earned reward points and view their rewards history

This transparency ensures that gym members are aware of their achievements and motivates them to continue their engagement with your gym.
Gym software feedback by Frig Fit

We have been blown away by Wellyx’s capabilities. It really is a complete solution for gyms. It manages all parts of our gym and has revolutionized our sales process. Our lead conversion rates have gone up by nearly 300% using the marketing module. I cannot recommend Wellyx enough and have already told several of my friends in the gym industry who have also gone ahead with Wellyx. The onboarding team is really helpful and always available.

Harry Davis

Operations Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Wellyx gym loyalty program software enables members to redeem their earned points for various purposes. This adds an extra incentive for members to participate and engage with your gym actively.

You can define specific reward programs for each membership or class, ensuring that the rewards align with your members’ preferences and goals.

Members can earn points for their activities. This not only motivates members to stay committed to their fitness journey but also enhances their overall experience at your gym.

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