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Gain more members and increase revenue with our powerful marketing automation
tools for gyms

Gym marketing software built Exclusively for Gyms

The Complete Gym Marketing Automation Solution

Eliminate the complexities and challenges associated with managing multiple platforms

With the ability to link tools and experiences, our marketing software for gyms unites your team and connects your data, fostering deeper connections with your leads & gym members to drive improved results. Experience the power of seamless marketing integration to unlock the potential for enhanced collaboration with your leads & gym members.

gym management software with complete Marketing Solution
Unite your team and data
gym management software with Email Campaigns
Create & send effective emails
Marketing Software With Email Campaigns

Deliver AI-assisted email campaigns straight to your leads & members inbox

Boost engagement and encourage action from your leads and gym members. Our marketing software with effective automation tools are designed to help you create and schedule targeted campaigns that are highly effective in capturing attention.

Text Message Campaigns

The all-in-one SMS text messaging solution for gym owners

Experience the ease, speed, and reliability of our gym marketing automation tool for sending SMS marketing campaigns or engaging in personalized 1-on-1 conversations with leads and members. Our user-friendly and intuitive interface offers a seamless experience with excellent functionality and a wide range of features to enhance your SMS communication efforts.

gym management software with Text Messages
Stay connected when it matters most
gym management software with marketing tool

Wellyx empowers you with comprehensive marketing performance data, providing easy access to key benchmarks such as delivery, opens, clicks, and conversions. Make informed decisions with essential insights.

Push Notification Campaigns

Leverage our industry expertise to create and send successful push notification campaigns

Effortlessly reach out to specific customers via push notifications or set up automated notification campaigns for special occasions such as birthdays, before or after classes or training sessions, or to re-engage lost members. Enjoy the convenience of targeted and timely communications to enhance member engagement and retention.
Gym management software with Push Notification Campaigns
Connect with your leads & gym members
Gym management software for Marketing with WhatsApp Integration
Use WhatsApp to send marketing messages
Better Marketing With WhatsApp Campaigns

Everything you need to deliver WhatsApp marketing messages

Embrace the convenience, efficiency, and dependability of our WhatsApp integration, designed for sending WhatsApp marketing campaigns and conducting personalized 1-on-1 conversations with you leads and gym members. Our user-friendly and intuitive interface provides a seamless experience, accompanied by robust functionality and a diverse array of features that amplify the effectiveness of your WhatsApp communication endeavors.
Autopilot & Drip Campaigns

Put your gym on autopilot and turbo-charge your membership sales

Or create targeted drip campaigns based on lead and member actions to send the right message at the right time.
gym management software with Drip Campaigns
The right message at the right time
Gym management software feedback by Pirates Surf
I am highly impressed with the system’s flexibility and the wide range of useful features it offers. As a unique fitness company, having access to such a versatile system is crucial for our operations. Whenever we encountered backend issues, the team promptly assisted us in resolving them. The user interface (UI) of the system is visually appealing and well-designed. Additionally, the support team is incredibly fast in addressing and resolving any issues that arise.
Chalie Zaragoza


Frequently Asked Questions

With marketing software for gyms, you have the power to create highly tailored marketing campaigns and establish rules to govern their execution.

Our software enables you to set up automated marketing campaigns that deliver messages at predefined intervals or trigger-based events.

Wellyx provides a user-friendly pop-up builder feature, allowing you to create eye-catching and engaging pop-ups for your promotions.

Wellyx is a comprehensive marketing software that helps you to create dedicated pages enriched with online widgets to enhance your online presence. Further, you can do integration of online widget with your website to ensure members engage with your offerings easily.

With our software, you can monitor key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. This valuable data allows you to measure the impact of your campaigns, optimize your marketing strategies, and drive better results.

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