Marketing and retention tools to drive revenue, increase gym member & lead interaction

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Effortlessly engage gym members with 2-way emails

Use our gym software to raise your email campaigns to new heights with a robust sending infrastructure and intuitive email template builder.
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SMS Text - icon

SMS Text

Increase gym member engagement through a powerful SMS marketing tool.

WhatsApp - icon


Boost gym membership & retention with our WhatsApp marketing tool.

Push Notifications - icon

Push Notifications

Magnify gym member growth and retention with our impactful mobile push notifications.

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Data Capturing

Make data collection easy and gain valuable insights into your audience

Our intuitive data-capturing forms allow you to collect essential information from your gym leads and members.

Page Builder - icon

Page Builder

Create visually stunning and customizable marketing pages to grow your gym.

Pop-up Builder - icon

Pop-up Builder

Design attention-grabbing pop-ups to promote special offers to your gym members and leads.

Google & Facebook Integration - icon

Google & Facebook Integration

Gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns on Facebook and Google.

Custom Contact Lists - icon

Custom Contact Lists

Sign up future gym members with lead capture forms that integrate perfectly into your website.

Member Specific Tags - icon

Gym Member Specific Tags

Create custom gym member tags to send targeted communications via email and SMS.

AI Generated Content - icon

AI Generated Content

Built-in AI generation tools to rewrite and improve content for your marketing campaigns.

Custom Contact Lists – 1 - icon

Marketing Insights Dashboard

Open and read receipts for email, SMS text, WhatsApp, and push notifications.

Member Specific Tags – 1 - icon

Unique Workflows

Build customized workflows to optimize your gym member communications and increase engagement and conversion.

AI Generated Content – 1 - icon

An Accelerated Customer Journey

Use this process for free trials, paid trials, and as a method to capture payment details. Take your gym lead one step closer to becoming an active member.

Retention Tools

Using our powerful retention tools keep your members engaged and motivated

With features like personalized communication, automated reminders, progress tracking, and targeted offers, you ultimately improve member retention and reduce churn.

gym software to retain members
Loyalty Program - icon

Loyalty Program

Reward your gym members for their loyalty and incentivize repeat visits and purchases.

Promo & Discount Codes - icon

Promo & Discount Codes

Manage promotional campaigns, attract potential members, and drive sales for your gym.

Retention Tracking - icon

Retention Tracking

Identify improvement areas and implement strategies to boost your gym's member retention rates.

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Multi-channel Journey

Create integrated marketing campaigns designed to convert leads into gym members

Reach your gym members through various communication channels to maximize your marketing efforts and ensure your message reaches them whenever they are most responsive.
Trigger-based Communication - icon

Trigger-based Communication

Automate personalized messages to your gym members based on specific triggers.

Precise Delay Control - icon

Precise Delay Control

Set precise time intervals between communication sequences.

Action Based Split Journeys - icon

Action-Based Split Journeys

Segment your member base and create customized communication journeys based on individual actions.

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