Gym Booking Software for member appointments

Sell memberships, packages, personal training, events & classes from your gym's website

Gym class booking system built Exclusively for Gyms

Online Bookings & Lead Capturing

Enable gym members to buy memberships and easily book their favorite classes & personal training sessions online

Personalize digital forms to capture valuable lead information, enabling you to connect with prospective gym members instantly and convert them into paying members.
Gym Software with Online Bookings
Make purchases easier for your gym members
Gym software with operations management
Customizable website integration
Website Integration

Provide a user-friendly gym member interface that maintains your brand experience

Integrate our booking system for gyms widget into your existing website and allow your gym members to explore your offerings and book with ease, creating a streamlined and convenient online experience.

gym software + online bookings

Increase gym member conversion rates with options like Buy Now, Pay Later. Leverage built-in marketing tools to engage and attract new gym leads. Simplify payment processing with secure online payments. Streamline inventory management and seamlessly integrate with your website for a cohesive online experience.

Versatile Page Builder

Craft captivating marketing pages effortlessly using our user-friendly page builder

Showcase your gym’s unique features, services, and success stories. Create landing pages that highlight your brand’s value proposition and entice visitors to take action.
Gym Software with Marketing Pages
Create custom web pages
Gym Software to Maximize Growth
Attractive pop-up banners with special offers
Dynamic Pop-up Builder

Boost your gym's marketing efforts with our intuitive pop-up builder

Create attention-grabbing pop-ups to promote special offers, events, or membership upgrades. Engage visitors with personalized messages and drive conversions to maximize your gym’s growth potential.
gym software feedback by Pittsburgh

The Wellyx software support team is always available to assist. Every time we call or email you guys are always available. (Over telephonic call).

Mark Weiland


Frequently Asked Questions

Wellyx provides a seamless online booking feature that allows members to conveniently schedule their desired classes and sessions.

Our software allows members to conveniently fill out necessary forms online when making a booking.
The benefit log feature in Wellyx gym management software provides members with a clear overview of the benefits and perks associated with their bookings. Gym members can track their rewards, discounts, or special offers tied to their bookings, enhancing their overall experience and motivating continued engagement.

Yes, the Wellyx gym booking software automatically sends confirmation notifications to members for their online bookings.

Whether members need to reschedule a class, switch sessions, or cancel a booking, gym members can conveniently make these changes through their online profiles, ensuring their plans remain flexible.

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