Gym POS SYSTEM for managed payment processing

Gym payment software with a simple to use point-of-sale

Gym point of sale builtExclusively for Gyms

Integrated Gym Software Solution

Streamline your payment process by accepting payments directly through
your gym billing software

Consolidate all your payments onto a single gym POS system, enabling you to manage online, mobile, and front desk transactions while having the freedom to select your preferred hardware.

Gym Software with POS System
Take gym payments from anywhere
Gym Software to Track Metrics with POS
View each gym member's data easily
Track Your Metrics

Grow your gym with a POS system built for your specific

Gain immediate access to each gym member’s payment history, efficiently track your gym revenue through intelligent reports, and easily identify trends in your sales figures.
Gym software Point of Sale

Use our POS system for fitness center and gyms to book group classes and services such as personal training, room & asset rental, and gym member inductions. Accept tips, sell gift cards and use promo codes to boost revenue.

Fully Synced With Inventory

A robust solution for your gym management

With Wellyx gym payment software, you can easily add transactions and efficiently manage your stock while on the go. Our user-friendly gym pos software is intuitive and needs minimal training, ensuring you and your staff can start using the system right away.

Gym software with synced POS
Fully integrated with your inventory
Gym software with POS - cloud based
Access anywhere through the cloud
Cloud-Based Gym Software

Work wherever you want with a cloud-based point-of-sale system

Gym POS software is a cloud-based system with extensive features that give you the freedom to access your POS when and how you want.

Gym Software feedback by Clannlife Fitness
We have loved working with Wellyx and have found the support team very useful. Rebecca has always been on hand to help with any issues we have had. 😊

Evan Mahon

Assistant Leisure Club Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Wellyx allows you to park a sale and retrieve it later. If a customer needs to pause their transaction or make adjustments, you can easily save their sale and access it when they’re ready to complete the purchase.

Yes, Wellyx supports discounts on purchases. You can apply discounts directly from the POS system, ensuring accurate and seamless discount management for your customers.

The Wellyx gym management software’s POS feature offers the convenience of directly emailing invoices to customers. After completing a sale, you can effortlessly send the invoice to the member’s email address.

Yes, the gym POS system supports various payment methods. You can accept payments in cash or credit cards, providing your members with flexible options for completing their transactions.

Yes, the Wellyx gym management software’s POS feature seamlessly integrates with inventory management. When a sale is made, the system automatically updates the inventory, ensuring accurate stock tracking and preventing overselling of products or services.

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