Exclusive Promo Codes Generation

The ultimate promo code & voucher system for the
gym industry

Gym promo codes software built Exclusively for Gyms

Gym Sale-Level Promo Codes Software System

Our gym promo codes software empowers you to create and implement promotional offers at the sale level

Whether you want to offer a site-wide discount, a percentage off on all purchases, or a fixed amount discount, you have full control to attract gym members and boost sales by creating sale-level promo codes.
Gym Management Software with Promo Codes
Leverage promo codes software to grow your revenue
gym management software with discount codes
Multiple customization options
Item-Level Promo Customization

Take your promotions to the next level by offering discounts on specific items

With our promo codes management software, you can easily set up item-level promotions, allowing gym members to enjoy exclusive deals on select merchandise, memberships, one-on-one sessions, or group classes, enticing them to make additional purchases.

gym management software with dynamic promo codes for your gym

Experience effortless promotion options with our promo codes generation software. Create dynamic promo codes applicable at the sale or item level, enticing customers with BOGO offers. Gym members can easily apply codes themselves, while you maintain control over expiry dates, usage limits, and intervals for membership discounts.

BOGO (Buy One, Get One) Promotions

Drive gym customer engagement & increase sales with our BOGO promo feature

Encourage gym members to bring a friend or enjoy an extra perk by offering a complimentary class, merchandise, product, or training session when they purchase one. This enticing offer not only attracts new gym members but also promotes a sense of community within your gym.
gym management software with BOGO promo codes
Buy one, get one promotions
gym management software with discount offers and codes
Seamless experience
Self-Service Promo Application

Our user-friendly interface puts the power in the hands of your gym members

Members can easily apply for promotions themselves during the checkout process, ensuring a seamless experience. By allowing self-service promo application, you save time and resources while empowering your gym members to take advantage of the available discounts effortlessly.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You have the flexibility to create promo codes at the sale level, enabling discounts on the entire cart.

Yes, our promo codes software allows you to create promo codes at the item level, giving you the ability to offer discounts on specific products or offerings.

You can create promo codes that automatically apply the BOGO discount when members meet the specified criteria, such as purchasing one item and receiving another item for free or at a discounted rate.

There are no limitations on the number of promo codes you can create within the Wellyx software.

Yes, with Wellyx, you can set expiration dates for promo codes.

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