GYM VIDEO-ON-DEMAND system to engage members

Amplify members’ engagement and boost your gym's revenue

Gym video on demand system Exclusively for Gyms

Customize your playlist

Create unlimited customized playlists for your members

Your wealth of knowledge is poised for sharing with your valued members. With our video on demand system, you can distribute vital insights, fitness content, tips, and guidance videos effortlessly.

Gym software to create customized gym video playlists
Create custom videos for your members
Gym software to make gym video courses
Make a video course and sell it to your members
Increase your revenue

On-demand library, live stream, or courses?

Craft unlimited courses and online libraries tailored to the needs of your members, increasing revenue while fostering deeper member engagement and retention. 

gym software with video on demand

Empower your gym with our comprehensive video on demand feature, enabling your members to access your pre-recorded content at any time.

24/7 access for your members

Deliver the ultimate online experience with on-demand content

Uploading a video using the software is a straightforward process, offering a seamless experience. Your members can effortlessly access these videos at any time via a custom app and widget.
Gym software with 24/7 access to gym video courses
Allow 24/7 access to your videos
Gym software with video categorization feature
Multiple categorization option for specific targeting
Unlimited possibilities

Sell VOD only memberships or add to your existing gym offering as a paid or free add-on

Thanks to the extensive categorization options available, you can create diverse promotional and non-promotional videos to interact with your audience. Additionally, you can enhance user trust by providing restricted access through private VoD links.
Gym Software feedback by Clannlife Fitness

We have loved working with Wellyx and have found the support team very useful. Rebecca has always been on hand to help with any issues we have had. 😊

Evan Mahon

Assistant Leisure Club Manager

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