With the increase in technology, securing your business from hackers has become a bit of a challenge. Being a gym owner, you must be looking for something that can save you from any security problems. We truly understand the urge. For that purpose, nothing can serve you better than a good gym access control software.

Considering the security threats, the use of modern and smart gym access control software has been increasing. According to recent studies, the global market size of access control systems was valued at 9.9 billion USD in 2023 and is expected to reach 14.9 billion USD by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 8.4%.

However, if you are a startup or a small setup, spending a hefty amount on gym access control systems can be burdensome. That is why we are here to find the best yet cheapest gym access control software that won’t break the bank.

In this blog, we will explore the cheapest gym access control software that can enhance your security and provide value. So, let us get moving!

Gym access control software – Cheapest yet BEST

Typically, having good security is expensive. However, we understand the urge behind finding the cheapest yet best gym access control software to streamline your gym’s accessibility along with high-end security. So, we have compiled a list of the cheapest gym access control software that won’t break the bank. Let us have a look at them!

Wellyx – Best gym access control software in 2024

Wellyx – Best gym access control software in 2024

Wellyx is the best gym access control software, which is not only affordable but offers a wide variety of features, streamlining your gym business effortlessly. Since access control is more than managing authorization to enter the facility, Wellyx truly understands and provides what a decent access control software should.

So, let us have a glance at the features of Wellyx gym access control software:

24/7 controlled access

Wellyx provides an amazing access control that is active 24/7. Using it, you can manage your gym facility all the time without any hassle. No matter what time it is, you do not need to worry about the security and protection of your gym facility and pieces of equipment with the Wellyx access control solution.

Never stop working

Another amazing feature of Wellyx’s access control system is it never stops working. This access control system is equipped with a smart reader that can be connected to the cloud. So, if there is no stable internet connection in the gym, Wellyx smart access control solution will check the necessary details through the cloud and authorize access.

Provide real-time data

Whenever someone enters or exits the gym facility, Wellyx keeps profound track.  This way, you can check the date and time of someone entering or leaving the gym. In addition, this data helps in case of any theft and suspicious activity. Lastly, you can use this information to optimize the management of your gym.

Easy to install hardware

Wellyx access control system comes with hardware that can be installed easily. In case of any complications, Wellyx helps you install and set up an access control system through a specialized team of customer support. Furthermore, Wellyx provides regular software updates to ensure the system is always up to date.

The gym key fob system

Wellyx access control system also allows you to use the gym key fob system to streamline the check-in/out procedures. In addition, the Wellyx smart access control system provides easier accessibility from any device. That’s true; you can use a variety of access methods, including fobs, cards, mobile phones, and wristbands.

Seamless integration

Wellyx offers a seamless integration between hardware and gym access control software. With a fully interconnected system, you can easily manage access authorization and membership database in real-time, enhancing your overall productivity manifolds.

Wellyx – Multi-purpose software

Wellyx is a lot more than an access control solution. It comes with a variety of features that help you run your gym business smoothly and productively. Leveraging Wellyx multi-purpose software, you can streamline your day-to-day operations effortlessly, eliminating the need for manual labor. These features include automated marketing tools, lead management, memberships, online payment processing, inventory tracking, real-time analytical reporting, automated scheduling, and more.

Pricing and packages

The most amazing thing about Wellyx gym access control software is its affordability. Considering the variety of features and its applicability, it comes in a very pocket-friendly price. Not only access control, you can get all the features at the same price. The following are its pricing plans and packages you can choose from based on your requirements:

  • Exceed: 119 USD per month
  • Ultimate: 149 USD per month

So, you need not buy multiple solutions to manage your gym business if you have Wellyx. Isn’t it an amazing option?

Kisi access control solution

Kisi access control solution

Kisi is a modern cloud-based access control system with a number of features to ensure tight security at your gym facility. With a whole range of amazing features, it makes an ideal access control software for gym businesses of all sizes. The features include visitor management, employee management, and, of course, access control.

Leveraging the Kisi access control solution to manage access procedures is pretty simple. You can manage multiple locations with just a few clicks. In addition, you can check the activities, i.e., check-in/out times and dates of members and staff. The dashboard is incredibly easy to navigate, simplifying for users to monitor and optimize the accessibility swiftly.

In addition, you can streamline access operations with the Kisi access control solution. It means if you want to put a restriction on access authorization during holidays, you can do it using your admin application. Also, you can limit accessibility to particular members to ensure tight security.

Pricing and packages

Kisi access control solution comes with two hardware options, including Reader Pro (NFC and Bluetooth enabled) for 749 USD and Controller Pro 2 (Wiegand board adaptor connection) for 1,099 USD. However, the Kisi software pricing is confidential, but you can get a direct quote from them.

UPFit Cloud access control software

UPFit Cloud access control software

UPFit Cloud access control software comes with seamless access management features to ensure strong security. It not only brings convenience for you to manage access operations but also for members. To ensure smooth access authorization, members can use their own member application to scan QR codes without requiring any member card to show at reception.

In addition, you can monitor activities in real-time to prevent any security breaches and fraudulent activities. Moreover, you can easily manage individuals who can enter or who can not in your gym facility through your dashboard. You can also schedule the time and date to restrict access for anyone or everyone fully.

With the incorporation of UPFit Cloud access control software, you can encourage fast and contactless access, which is wonderful for your members and staff as well. In case of any unusual activity, you always have access to data to check who can be responsible and take safety precautions timely.

Pricing and packages

UPFit Cloud comes with three pricing plans and packages depending on the sizes of your gym clubs. If you are a startup and have a small setup, you can buy their small-sized gym package for 157 USD per month. However, for medium-sized gyms, the pricing is 233 USD per month, and for large-sized gyms, the package is 314 USD per month.

RhinoFit gym access control software

RhinoFit gym access control software

RhinoFit gym access control software eliminates the need to worry about your gym’s security. Its 24/7 operational gym access control system works miraculously to streamline access management. In addition, this access control system is easy to use, secure, and cost-effective. Using this system, you do not need to worry about unauthorized entries. It only allows authorized personnel to enter the gym and keep track of all activities within the gym.

To make this access control system work smoothly, you can use bar codes, fob keys, or key tags to gain access. However, in order to appreciate seamless functioning, make sure you have a stable internet connection in your gym. In addition, RhinoFit comes with a voice greeting feature to engage members. This feature allows you to create personalized messages for members when they validate their key tags.

Like most access control systems, RhinoFit provides in-depth and real-time data tracking. You can use this data in order to prevent theft, damage, and other suspicious activity. So, it gives you all control while sitting in your comfortable chair at home.

Pricing and packages

RhinoFit provides access control software services for 149 USD per month. However, this price is for one door, and if you want to install this system on multiple doors, ask RhinoFit for a quote.

HID door access control system

HID door access control system

HID is a leading door access control system that provides high-end security to gym facilities. The most amazing thing about this access control system is it comes with multiple access methods. Whether you want to install a mobile access system or cards and credential the HID door access control system gives you full authority.

In addition, the security it provides is impeccable. If you incorporate the HID access system, you need not worry about anything and can manage access authorization remotely. In addition, you can give or restrict access to particular individuals using the application. Additionally, its security feature certainly improves customer experience manifolds.

Using the HID door access control system, managing and tracking visitors is quite easy. You can automate the check-in/out procedures for customers and monitor their activities through your dashboard. This solution provides real-time data so that you can ensure seamless and secure functionality of your gym.

Pricing and packages

The starting price of the HID gym access control system is around 60,000 USD per year. However, if you want to buy advanced packages, you can take a direct quote from them.

GymMaster access control software

GymMaster access control software

GymMaster access control software is a remarkable solution to open your gym doors for your members. Using this software, you can simply automate the door entry system, enhancing customers’ experiences. In addition, you can provide your customers and staff with a secure and comfortable environment by incorporating GymMaster and ensuring no intruder can get through the facility’s doors.

The cloud-based GymMaster access control software keeps the database safe and secure in its memory. Furthermore, GymMaster keeps on tracking data even when your internet goes down. Isn’t it amazing? Using this solution, you will get real-time data to monitor the activities of your members and staff, ensuring your gym is a safe place for everyone.

In addition, GymMaster allows seamless integration between your access control system and software. It is also fully connected to your membership system so that if someone is not your member anymore, they can not get authorization to enter the facility. So, its intelligent system eliminates the need to hire someone for the front desk to check who is coming in and going out.

Pricing and packages

GymMaster comes with four pricing plans, depending on the number of active members. These packages include Foundation (100 members) for 129 USD per month, Advanced (400 members) for 169 USD per month, and Professional (1300 members) for 249. For an Enterprise package with unlimited members, take a direct quote from GymMaster.

Gymflow access control solution

Gymflow access control solution

Gymflow access control solution offers a touchless yet protected door entry. With this solution, there is no hassle in authorizing entries, making the experience seamless for both parties. In addition, Gymflow offers easier accessibility 24/7, and gladly, there is no need for access cards or key tags.

Leveraging the Gymflow access control solution is a lot more than just an access control. With the help of this solution, you can reduce your staff costs since you do not need anyone to be at the front desk if you have Gymflow. You can simply automate your gym access instead of hiring a bunch of employees to ensure easier entries.

In addition, Gymflow helps you save time. Once you are done with installing an access control solution, you do not need to look after who is entering or exiting your gym. However, you can use this time to craft future strategies to drive sales and growth. Lastly, it will help you to enhance customer experience, leading to improved customer retention rates.

Pricing and packages

Gymflow comes with three pricing plans based on the monthly revenues of gym businesses. These packages include a Starter plan for 129 USD per month, a Growth plan for 179 USD per month, and a Pro plan for 229 USD per month. However, if you want mobile access control, you will have to pay more.

Which is the best gym access control to invest your money in?

Wellyx gym access control software is the most cost-efficient solution. The reason behind choosing Wellyx as the best yet cheapest gym access control software is it provides a very comprehensive and smart access control system at a very reasonable price. What makes it more amazing is how it offers a wide variety of features at the same price.

So, Wellyx not only helps you control access to your gym facility but also streamlines your daily operations with just a few clicks. Needless to say, if you incorporate Wellyx into your gym business, you can save money to streamline your administration as well. Whether it is marketing, lead generation, or inventory management, you can automate everything with your Wellyx gym management solution at the very same price. Isn’t it a wonderful deal?

Closing notes

When it comes to your gym security, you can not make any compromises. So, while finding the cheapest gym access control software, it is important to make sure that it does not compromise security along with your bank balance. For that purpose, do a thorough research while looking for an access control solution. Do not forget to check user reviews while making a purchase. So, have good luck with your shopping!