Well, in recent times, the concept of 24/7 fitness centers has evolved as a result of increased drive and the requirement for a healthy body. However, what makes fitness centers work 24/7 hours? It is the integrated gym access control system that allows the gym owners and the members to stay carefree. It provides the ultimate convenience and top-notch quality security, making well-being available for everyone.  This is the perfect way to save your time while enhancing efficiency and productivity by incorporating an access control system into your gym facility.

In this blog, we will be thoroughly discussing to what extent convenience and security are provided by the access control system. 

Most essential benefits of an access control system 

Well, access control is solely affiliated with providing security. However, many other qualitative features just simply cannot be overseen. Some of the most essential benefits access control systems can offer are the following. 

Getting in Touch-less entry

Since COVID-19, health concerns for everyone have been growing rapidly. It’s all on a gym owner’s shoulders to ensure the client gets in and leaves safely. To keep everything tight and tidy, gym owners avoid manual touch in the system so they can avoid any harmful germs and bacteria. By integrating access control systems, owners will be able to allow gym members to enter and leave the building easily without having to touch any surfaces.

High-tech protection 

High-tech protection 

The importance of high-tech security and protection is pretty obvious and known by gym owners. Gyms and fitness centers usually have higher threat rates, especially when it comes to theft and trespassing. Moreover, the main concern for any gym management is restricted entries and unauthorized people. 

It is highly essential for gym owners to implement high-tech access control systems, which will make it difficult for scammers to trespass.

Enlisting and integrating all the members 

It’s one of the most common yet reliable practices among gym owners as one of the best benefits. All you have to do is to integrate the list of current memberships. All your members just have to swipe the card or authenticate via mobile Bluetooth. However, if you restrict a member, you can simply update the status in the access control system, and the person is restricted from the premises. 

24/7 Automated Access 

Well, different people are given different access routines, except if you are a house staff member, you will get 24/7 access control. The access control is automated in many ways, including providing every single one accustomed.

Save money

keeping a guard at the gate can really be a very good suggestion. However, hiring the guard manually can be really very expensive, and you can save some money. All you have to do is turn on the digital mode. 

Tack your attendance and time

You can automatically operate the attendance and track time. Owners can keep a record of members and staff’s check-ins and outs to analyze the shift shootouts!

Moreover, you can easily take out real-time data to analyze the performance of your staff.

Multi-location compatibility

Multi location compatibility

Unusually, gyms and fitness centers have a complete chain of many centers in various locations. To get multi-site security, they can all be managed by one software from one remote part as they are cloud-based. However, the owners are quite busy with different businesses. They can easily control the gym business by integrating the right access control system. Owners can operate the business event from home.

Best Access control system

Let’s discuss a variety of types of access control systems that can accelerate the business growth of the gym and bring success. However, the real game-changing thing is finding the right fit access control software for your fitness center. However, choosing the right software may depend on a variety of things, e.g., the budget you have, the usage, the audience you are targeting, and, of course, the reliability of the software. Let’s discuss some types of access control types. 

Access on Card

Well card access is a pretty well-known method of access control for numerous check-ins. However, there’s no doubt they are pretty durable and don’t cost much. You just have to integrate it with the current list of gym members, and it’ll start doing its job. These cards can be swiped on the readers as they are connected with magnetics, and for the touchless method, they have to put the card nearby so the machine can read it. 

Barcode or Mobile app scan

As everything is on the phone now, this is the most advanced method of reading. To use this type of system, you have to integrate it with the mobile application. All you require is your phone to get access to the gym or any affiliated fitness center where you are allowed as a member. Every time the member requests access, a newly customized code is sent to the phone. It’s one of the most convenient and money-efficient systems. 

Keypad system 

Keypad system 

Well, you must have heard about the passcode system known as the keypad system as well. However, it’s one of the old traditional methods in which you just simply have to put in the passcode to get access. This method is not as highly secure as the modern methods are, but it doesn’t require very much high maintenance. Moreover, at the time of signing up for the membership, the management provides you with a passcode, which is different for every single member. However, one of the major drawbacks of this system is it can’t be touchless access. 

Biometric system 

Well, if you ask me which is the best high-tech form of security, I would definitely vote for the Biometric system. This system is only accessible on the basis of someone’s identity. It requires your fingerprints to let you in the gym or any fitness center. However, it isn’t a touchless accessible entry, which makes it even more difficult for an unauthorized person to get the entry. 


The access control system provides ultimate security. Gym members pay a high amount for the membership to work out tension-free in a safe and secure environment without any disturbance. The access control system ensures the safety and peace of mind of the members by assuring them that they are working with good civilians and citizens with verified demographics. 

In case of any mishap, the access control system is capable of identifying the person who has been involved. They can be denied access due to any of their wrong deeds. 

Moreover, there are various gym management softwares such as Wellyx, which help to attach the access control system to a security system. This practice can help notify the gym management and the police as well to avoid any incidents.