In this rapidly evolving era in which everything revolves around technology, the fitness industry has been seeking a variety of ways to integrate automation. It is usually used to ease processes, streamline tasks, and integrate security into the fitness studio and gym. It offers ultimate convinience to gym members and owners.

Since the trend of thefts and scams has started prevailing, a variety of security inventions and measures have been introduced in the industry, and an access control system is one of them. According to DataHorizzon Research, the access control market size was valued at USD 9.4 Billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 20.5 Billion by 2032 at a CAGR of 8.2%. However, a variety of gym management software has been offering an all-in-one solution for all fitness service providers. 

Well, it is understandable that many gym owners might find it new and struggle to understand the functioning or installation of this access control system. However, in this blog, we will thoroughly discuss the whole process of installation and further maintenance of the Facility. 

Benefits of Access Control System 

You must be thinking about how an access control system can simply be helpful for the business. However, an access control system is strong protection that will protect all the staff members and keep them secure from any data breaches. It covers and thoroughly tracks each person’s data accessing the control doors. The following are the most essential benefits any access control system offers.

Bring ease of access for staff

By implementing an access control system, you can simply set the restrictions and access areas you need to provide to your client. You can only allow a few of your staff in multiple areas, for example, the manager’s room or inventory area. So, rather than repeating the same processes repeatedly, you can modify the setting accordingly. To access their restricted or allowed premises, they just have to input the PIN code or scan the chipped cards. 

No worries to carry keys 

Carrying keys is a real sense of responsibility, especially for those with keys that need to be available 24/7 to open their required areas. However, the new technology is becoming advanced, as in gym key fobs, which are introduced in the market to avoid confusion and multiple locks. Moreover, the authorized visits are unmonitored, which increases the risk factor as the gym is more vulnerable. However, this benefit keeps your gym protected from any thefts and breaches. 

Cost and time-efficient. 

By integrating the gym access control system, you save alot of money you spend on the locks annually. Moreover, no visual identity confirmation is required, which helps to make it more time and cost-efficient. 

Complete track of each enter

It keeps a complete track of who checks in and who checks out. Moreover, the access control system allows the owners to keep track of their employees and their working hours. 

Block restricted visitors 

Installing access control is the best option to restrict people with canceled memberships, pending payments, or any past employee from getting access to the gym or fitness center. No unauthorized or extra person is allowed in the building. 

Avoid any data breaching 

Nowadays, people are very concerned about their personal getting breached. The best option is to install an access control system to avoid such conveniences and keep their data secure. 

Set access for multiple areas

Owners can simply grant access to a particular person by adding multiple areas or locations in one single go. The most essential feature of the access control system is that you don’t have to carry the keys manually for each room. 

Guide to installing the Access control system

Here’s a complete guide for installing the access control system to your gym fitness center. 

  1. Comprehensive analysis of what you require

Consider it one of the most crucial elements of the process. However, it is essential to understand what budget you are offering. Once you are done, the next step is to determine the main goal you are looking forward to achieving. List down all the features, including security and maintaining flexibility. One more significant thing you must be looking forward to is assessing whether you want monthly, yearly, or biannual membership. 

  1. Understanding your option

Well, in the market, various options are available in access control system types. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind while choosing majorly the price. The following are the options available you can induce. 

  • Biometric system

A biometric system offers high-quality security. However, it is one of the most expensive types of access control but doesn’t require any maintenance. 


Card readers are also pretty average with cost, maintenance, and security levels. 

  • Mobile Based

On the other hand, if we talk about mobile-based access control, it is pretty economical in the price range. So, with maintenance, however, provides average security. 

  • Keypad system

Last but not least, the keypad is economical when it comes to pricing and doesn’t provide much security. However, it requires high maintenance. 

3. Choose the best to be the best.

Once you are aware of which type of access control will be suitable for you. The next step is to look for the software. Well, there is a variety of software systems in the market from which you can choose. However, welly is a well-known software for access control systems. It provides not only access control but 103 other features as well, which ultimately help to grow the business. 

4. Choose your hardware components

Ensure that the hardware is capable enough to align with the chosen software so there are no glitches with the functioning, especially door controls, card reading machines, and scanners for biometrics. Your right decision will track you to a seamless and enjoyable experience.

5. Integration of software 

If you are done with hardware, the next step is to integrate it with software. It’s high time to install the software. And make sure they sync perfectly together to communicate. 

6. Integration of software and hardware 

Once the hardware components are in place, it’s time to integrate them with your software system. Install the software on designated computers or servers and ensure it communicates effectively with the hardware components. Run initial tests for compatibility and efficiency.

7. Better to train staff 

After integration, make sure all your staff members are fully aware of the new technology. Provide them with the proper training to make them learn the usage. 


Integrating an access control system in your fitness business, whether it’s a studio or a gym, is essential. However, the crucial task is to integrate the right access control system. Wellyx provides the ultimate solution with 104 management and control features to automate your whole business. Moreover, the owners can transform the business by just inducing the gym management software. They can control who can access the gym premises and to what areas. Furthermore, it keeps a complete record of the time and identity of those who visited the gym.