Gone are the days when gyms used lock-and-key methods to ensure security. Where technology has transformed gym operations, the gym keyless entry system is no exception. 

Unlike the traditional security systems, there is less responsibility on the front-desk team while flawlessly ensuring the flow of members and staff into the gym premises. 

With the keyless entry system, you don’t need to worry about your members losing the keys or the risk of unauthorized entry into the gym premises. Additionally, these advanced control systems for gyms not only enhance security but also automate the processes to boost efficiency. 

If your gym is still operating on an outdated security system, it’s time to take a shift to a modern, cloud-based access control system. Moreover, a modern security system improves the customer experience by ensuring hassle-free check-ins and workouts. 

This blog is specially dedicated to gym owners using conventional methods to manage the members’ flow. It’s time to embrace a smart method. Let’s take a closer look!

A bit about the gym keyless entry system

Simply put, a gym keyless entry system is an advanced access control system that allows authorized members to access the gym. It operates on various advanced authentication methods to allow or restrict people from entering the gym premises. With the arrival of the advanced security system, the traditional locks and keys have been completely replaced with a smarter and more secure security system. Additionally, it enhances the gym members’ experience by simplifying the access system. The gym members can easily get into the gym without wasting time at the front desk to validate their membership. Moreover, having the keyless entry system, there is comparatively less burden on the front-desk team, which saves both the cost and time from the tedious task. 

Types of gym door entry systems

Types of gym door entry systems

The fitness industry is adopting more and more advanced cutting-edge technologies to grow better every day. Similarly, gym owners need to choose popular and practical solutions to stay ahead of the competition. Here are some of the most advanced gym door entry systems used in fitness centers. 

Key fobs 

A key fob is a small coin-sized “keyless frequency operated button” that emits a unique RFID (radio frequency identification) signal. The gym’s access control system recognizes the unique RFID to allow the person to enter the premises. 

In other words, the key fob stores the person’s unique information that emits a signal when detected by the scanner or access control system. This single-factor authentication (SFA) ensures the gym’s security and improves the customer experience. 

Access cards

An access card is another type of keyless entry system that is similar to the key fobs. Access cards are the most convenient and affordable method to ensure effortless entry into the gym space. 

Key cards having a chip, unlike key fobs, are inserted into the access control system that scans the card and unlocks the door after decoding the data saved on the chip. Additionally, with gym cards, the members can get 24/7 gym access without having time restrictions. In this way, it is easier to run a personal file for each user and control the number of elements through the access cards. 


Biometric machines are widely used in many industries to enhance security and smooth business operations. To avoid unauthorized entry to the gym, biometrics are the most industry-leading door entry system options. 

Additionally, it is more like the analysis and application of biological data, where it also keeps records of members’ fingerprints. It grants access to people with saved fingerprint records. However, biometric machines restrict access to unrecognized people by beeping or closing the magnetic door. 

Barcode readers

Barcode access control is one of the commonly used door entry system options. To manage access and ensure security, the barcode scanner reads the barcoded card to allow or deny the gym access. 

For secure access, gym members can scan their barcoded tags on the machine installed at the door entrance. The barcode readers manage access to the gym based on the information on the card. Moreover, the seamless integration of the barcode with the cameras makes it easier for the front desk person to ensure the entry of the registered member. 

Mobile-based access 

Mobile-based access gives a competitive advantage over other gym keyless entry systems. Where other control systems for gyms have a chance of breaching, mobile-based access gives complete security through the access control app.

Members can use their mobile phones as the virtual key to get access to the gym. Additionally, the mobile application just requires a tap on the screen to unlock the gym door. It can also be done through Bluetooth, so members don’t need any card or key fob. Instead, an all-time handy device can get them into the gym without hassle. 

Benefits of gym keyless entry system

Benefits of gym keyless entry system

Undoubtedly, gym keyless entry systems have been a great replacement for traditional keys. Here are more of the competitive advantages an advanced security system offers:

Improved security and accountability

With the keyless entry system, the gym owners and staff can easily monitor the entry of authorized members. Similarly, the advanced security options, when integrated with the gym software, give insights about the members’ time of entry and exit from the gym. In this way, it provides more security and accountability. 

Better member experience   

Members can get access to the gym without reporting to the front desk team. Instead of waiting in the queue, they can get into the gym without any hindrance or waiting time. It not only improves the customer experience but also makes their workout effortless and more yielding. 

Simplified operations  

An advanced security system reduces the workload on the front desk team. A keyless gym entry system simplifies the process on both ends: members and staff. The access control system automates the processes based on the information. In this way, it reduces the front desk duties to only overseeing the check-ins and outs of the members. 

Fewer risks of fraud  

With the access control system, the risks of fraud are relatively less. The seamless integration of the gym entry system with the gym management software and security cameras ensures that only paid members gain access. Additionally, compared to the traditional keys, there is no security breach in the system unless the members exchange the fobs. 

Cost saving

Compared to manual security management, the keyless system cuts costs. Additionally, it minimizes the expenses of keys, front desk team payrolls, and revenue losses due to unauthorized access. This way, an advanced security system saves a significant amount of revenue. 

Advanced gym management  

Undoubtedly, access control and management software, after seamless integration, provides comprehensive gym management. From the door to the floor, it automates the operations in one place. A record of members’ activities and timings is maintained to ensure the memberships are properly used. 

Easy to integrate   

No matter how you regulate the gym operations, the keyless gym entry system is easy to integrate. After integrating it with the gym management software, alarm system, and security cameras, the gym owners and staff can monitor and remotely manage gym access. In this way, businesses can keep their business operations and security systems well-managed in one place. 

More convenience 

A keyless entry system is highly convenient for managing the members and staff’s flow on a daily basis. Additionally, it offers more ease in managing the check-in and check-out patterns in large gym setups. Additionally, the members don’t need to worry about losing their physical keys. Their key to accessing the gym is with them all the time and every day!

Bottom line

Where the fitness industry has undergone a smart change with management software, the arrival of a keyless gym entry system is no big deal. Indeed, it has rebuilt the business standards to a great extent. 

The smooth transition from traditional keys to keyless cards and fobs is a significant advancement. If you are a business owner who has not upgraded the entry system yet, it’s time to integrate it immediately. It is convenient for your members and better for your gym business.