The rise of key fob systems in the gym industry has been driven by the manifold benefits they offer to both gym owners and members. Key fob solutions have evolved and upgraded gym access and security, providing more convenience, increased flexibility, and a promoted sense of accountability. By restricting entry for strangers or unregistered members, key fob systems help gym owners maintain better control over their facilities and member base. Moreover, the automated data tracking capabilities of these systems enable improved operational efficiency and targeted marketing efforts to boost member retention. 

Leading providers of key fob gym solutions, such as GymManagement-Software, offer a range of features and pricing plans to cater to the diverse needs of gym operators. As the fitness industry continues to evolve, the adoption of key fob technologies is poised to become an increasingly integral part of delivering a superior member experience and driving the long-term success of gyms.

Improved and updated security

People usually prefer a place where they can focus on their physical fitness in peace and feel secure. This is one of the major reasons why protection is a top priority for most gym owners. With the key fob solution, restricted entries can simply be improvised for unauthorized people. Additionally, as the crime rate is increasing, the owners are more likely to implement high-tech security systems. 

Better access control options

The gym software provides multiple options apart from the key fob solution. Some of the most common are the following;

Restricting entry for strangers or unregistered members

Implementing key fobs will simply limit the entry for the ones with any due payments of the package they are availing. Furthermore, the restriction extends to unregistered members. 

Increases gyms accountability

The gym seems accountable as it enhances security and implements restrictions. This ensures that the gym’s members can actually rely on the management. 

Boost member’s satisfaction level

Overall, the gym key fob solution is essential for increasing the level of ease and enhancing the members’ satisfaction. The clients don’t have to juggle around with the keys and don’t require any extra steps. 

Provides multiple entry options

It provides multiple entry options, which brings convenience and flexibility for gym users. 

Increases the retention rate

It provides accessibility and flexibility, along with a sense of security, and helps to retain existing customers. Moreover, it is highly beneficial for the member’s experience.

Easy credential options

According to the ease of the members, the credential systems are offered, including key fob, access control, or key cards

Higher operational efficiency

A key fob gym solution increases the operational efficiency of any gym. It provides security or access, collects data for targeted marketing, manages member attendance, and regulates administrative tasks. 

Automated administrative management 

The most essential thing for any business is to keep up with administrative tasks, which typically include upgrading the members’ credentials and checking on them. The database automatically confirms it after cross-verifications. 

Staff management 

It regulates the casual functionalities of members and helps to optimize staff time management. 

Integration with the gym management software

A key fob gym system is directly connected to the gym management software. To keep the business optimized, all the required information, such as payment delivery or attendance, is shared.

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Key Fob is the ultimate solution to your gym problems

Key Fobs not only offer a multitude of benefits, but they also provide a comprehensive solution to your gym’s operational challenges. Let’s delve into some of the most prevalent issues gym owners face and how Key Fobs can address them effectively.

Problem Solution 
Providing the key to each client: Traditional keys have been quite an issue since trespassing cases are increasing worldwide. To prevent such scenarios, various gym solutions have been launched in the market. Moreover, it has been a challenge for the owner to track which client can access what level of services. Moreover, the traditional physical keys are likely to have a customary thing of getting lost, which could typically lead to utter inconvenience.Traditional systems lack access control. Traditional systems allow gym members to visit the gym anytime, as they have 24/7 access. Leading to the congregation and extra load at a particular time, disturbing everyone’s peace. 
Lack of activity tracking: Most manual gym systems lack activity tracking, which can limit various possibilities. However, key fobs track the timing of the members’ spending to workout in the gym. The tracked data can be highly beneficial in target marketing to attract and retain members.The gym management software, equipped with a key fob, enables you to monitor the movements of gym members, including their visits and any working out time. This functionality provides comprehensive data on any event, allowing for in-depth analysis to understand the reason or the person involved in the particular event. The system can generate complete logs for reference.
Traditional systems lack access control: Traditional systems allow gym members to visit the gym anytime, as they have 24/7 access. Leading to the congregation and extra load at a particular time, disturbing everyone’s peace. The advanced gym key fob system has been updated to allow for setting specific access times. This new feature enables precise control of traffic by setting separate access times for staff, visiting members, and gym members. An added benefit is that owners can remotely schedule access times from the convenience of their homes. This feature helps to ensure that safety and security protocols are maintained.
Restricted authorization in an offline mode: If you are a gym owner, you must have faced the issue of restricted authorization in an offline mode. Manually allowing the entry gets tricky and hectic in such situations.The gym key fob utilizes cloud-based software to store important user data. In cases of unstable internet connection, the gym door entry systems can automatically retrieve data from the database to verify credentials. This seamless process ensures smooth management of members’ entries, ultimately enhancing convenience for you and your members.

How much does the key fob system for the gym cost?

The key fob system for gym cost varies from company to company as multiple companies offer various packages alongside. The key fob gym system is integrated with gym management software, as all the information required to operate is provided by the software. However, the additional features are provided along with a key fob system for gym to regulate the functionalities. The following are three different leading companies providing key fob gym systems. 


Features Pricing plans 
Check-in and check-out feature. Excel $79
Management based on cloud.Exceed $119
Booking and scheduling featureUltimate$149
Mobile app integration 
Advanced reporting and analytics
All-in-one gym management software

Hid Global

Features Pricing plans 
Highly compatible SmartID SWD100 Read/Write$400
Secure data encryption IClass SE/multiClass SE smart card reader$900
Advanced tracking and reporting system


Features Pricing plans 
Works on battery(sustainable)Customizable quotation. 
Provides surveillance 
Management based on cloud.


Key fob gym solutions provide unlimited benefits, which typically include better operational management, increased efficiency, high-tech security, administrative control, and, above all, a better satisfaction level. Additionally, all of these benefits lead to an increase in the gym’s accountability. If we talk about how much a key fob system for a gym costs, the efficiency highly depends on how many additional features any company provides to justify the gym owner’s investment.