Assume you are a gym owner who started his fitness journey 1 year ago with a vision to inspire your members to stay fit and achieve their fitness goals. To assist your members in attaining their fitness pilgrimage, you hire fitness professionals who have the relevant fitness training experience. Moreover, you also made a heavy investment in the location and the ambiance of your gym. You started your gym at a place where your members find it convenient to reach after work. 

Furthermore, you also invest a handsome amount in the fitness marketing of your gym. However, after all this investment, your vision of inspiring your members to achieve their fitness pilgrimage is still struggling. Potential leads that reach your place don’t get a good fitness experience and quit the gym after 2 to 3 days. The fluctuation in the member’s retention rate raises a question in your mind: How can I provide members with a remarkable fitness experience that enables them to achieve their fitness goals. 

A remarkable fitness experience for your members doesn’t only depend upon hiring a professional team with relevant experience. It also depends upon ensuring your members ease with class bookings, seamless payment processing, and 24/7 gym access. To provide your members with an environment for a remarkable fitness experience, you need a gym POS system.  Having a POS system for the gym enables you to enhance member retention rates and contribute to the financial stability of your fitness center. 

However, there are hundreds of fitness gym POS systems available in the fitness industry that claim to be the best. However, it is quite difficult for you to do research on each POS system as it is time-consuming. Thus, to ease your journey in ensuring a remarkable fitness experience for your members, here we are going to discuss the best POS system for gyms in 2024

Key considerations for selecting a gym POS system

best POS software solution for your gym

Before selecting the best POS software solution for your gym, it is essential for you to understand the key consideration points. These consideration points enable you to understand the business requirements and help you to choose the best software solution. Here are the points you must consider before selecting a POS system for your gym. 

Streamlined operations and workflow management

If you want to ensure the success of your fitness business by attracting new members and increasing your gym member retention rate, you have to make sure that the POS system that you have chosen provides additional features to streamline your fitness center operations. A POS system lets you streamline your gym’s operations by automating essential tasks like billing, class scheduling, and membership management. 

By streamlining the gym’s operations, the software solution enables you to pay attention to serving your members. Moreover, a POS system also enables your members to make easy check-ins and check-outs 24/7 in your gym. So, it enables you to ensure a seamless fitness experience for your members and increase their retention rates. 

For example, You are a gym owner that has around 200 members. Managing 200 members is not as easy as it seems. You have to pay full attention from their class scheduling to flexible payment processing. Neglecting each aspect affects your member’s fitness experience and leads to the financial stability of your gym. However, managing all these aspects manually is quite hectic and consumes endless hours. 

So, to assist you in streamlining studio operations, you bought a POS system that claims to provide assistance with workflow management. However, when you use it, the software doesn’t assist you in workflow management at all, leading to a decrease in member retention rate. So, it is essential for you to ensure that the POS system you are going to choose enables you to streamline your fitness center operations. 

Seamless payment processing and transaction

Another important point to consider before selecting a POS system is the feature that enables you to create an environment for secure transactions. This feature enables you to customize the pricing options and set up different rates for classes, merchandise, and workshops in your gym. By using this feature, your members can securely pay their membership dues. 

According to Hotel Tech’s report, the number of people using a POS system in 2023 reached 1.9 billion. This means that one in four people use a POS system to settle their dues. So, this built-in feature enables you to ensure a more remarkable fitness experience for your members by providing them with a secure environment for transactions. Moreover, this feature also enables you to maintain the billing record. You can keep track of each transaction carried out in your gym, enabling you to stabilize your business financially. 

For example, You started a gym with the intention of providing your members with a seamless fitness experience. You provide your members convenience with class bookings and 24/7 gym access. However,  when it comes to payment processing, your members have to stay in the bank queue to pay their dues. This leads to an unpleasant fitness experience and reduces member retention rates. So, to make your gym financially stable, you have to ensure that your fitness business has a software solution that enables you to ensure seamless payment processing. 

Robust reporting and analytics capabilities

If you want to track the progress of your gym in terms of financial growth and increase in members, you have to ensure that the gym POS system that you are going to choose provides you with built-in features of performance tracking and reporting. By using this feature, you can analyze the performance of each trainer to stabilize your gym economy. 

You can use this feature to analyze other important aspect of your gym, such as the number of members, peak hour times, etc. Thus, it enables you to make data-driven decisions by analyzing members’ attendance, engagement, retention rates, equipment usage, profitability, marketing campaigns, and member satisfaction. 

As per IPSOS’s research, data-driven decisions in fitness enable the gym owner to: 

  • Acquire 23% more members 
  • Increase the chance of member retention by 6% 
  • Drive 19% more profit in the fitness business. 

Thus, it is essential for you to consider the feature of reporting while choosing POS software for your gym. 

For example, You started your gym 1 year ago. During this time span, you attracted a number of new members and financially stabilized your business. However, the software you use to streamline your fitness studio operations lacks the reporting feature. Thus, you are not able to make data-driven decisions to ensure further the success of your fitness business, which leads to the downfall of your gym. So, you have to ensure that the Point-of-sale software that you are going to choose for your business must have the reporting feature. 

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5 best gym POS system in 2024 

After analyzing the key consideration points, you can select the best POS software that can enable you to achieve your vision of providing a remarkable fitness experience. All these software solutions assist you in streamlining your fitness studio operations while enabling you to track the performance of your business. Here are the 5 best POS system for gyms in 2024

  1. Gym management software 

Gym management software is one of the top 5 best software solutions. It enables you to ensure an environment where your members can easily make transactions. It is a cloud-based software that provides features for managing the fitness businesses. 

This software solution enables you to streamline class scheduling, handle membership fees, and manage bookings for equipment and classes. Moreover, with its built-in feature of Point-of-sale, you can easily streamline payment processing and also send reminders to your members about late dues. 

You can also maintain a record of all the transactions carried out in your gym. This software solution offers some additional features along with the POS system. 

  • Lead management: this  feature enables you to record online leads and assist you in the conversion of potential leads into loyal members 
  • Inventory tracking: By using this feature, you can easily streamline and manage your gym inventory and define a threshold for them. 
  • Online bookings: This feature enables you to schedule your gym classes by assisting you in making online bookings. 
  • Access control: Members want to perform workouts in a secure environment. This feature of gym management software enables you to provide 24/7 access to your members by restricting the movement of any unauthorized person. 
  • Loyalty program: The loyalty program feature enables you to give rewards to your members for achieving a milestone and helps you to enhance your member’s retention rates. 


  • Have a user-friendly interface that enables you to streamline studio operations with ease. 
  • Offer marketing tools that enable you to promote your business and attract new clients. 
  • Comprehensive management feature that covers all the aspects of the gym. 


  • Gym management software does not offer free version access; instead, it provides a free demo. 

Pricing plan 

Gym management software offers three versatile pricing plans that enable you to shine among your competition. 

Monthly Cost $79 $119$149
  1. is another candidate that made its path to the top 5 best POS system in 2024. It is also a cloud-based gym POS system software that seamlessly integrates with billing, sales and scheduling operations. This software solution revolutionizes the way how you can streamline your studio operations. 

It offers additional features like class scheduling, client management, automated billing, etc. Moreover, this software also enables you to track the progress of your gym by using its built-in reporting and analytics feature. 

Whether you operate a single gym or own multiple franchises, offers a centralized platform that enables you to manage all clients using one database. Here are the additional features that this software solution offers. 

  • Offers an access control feature to track your member’s attendance. 
  • Assist you in scheduling classes with its online booking and scheduling feature. 
  • Also helps you to track the nutrition consumption of your clients with a nutrition tracking feature. 


  • Offer a flexible POS system integrated with gym management features.
  • Offer a mobile app for your members to ensure a more remarkable fitness experience. 


  • Offer a pricing plan that is quite high, and you need to negotiate to fit it into your budget. 
  • The platform’s board feature requires a learning time before use. 

Pricing plan offers one pricing plan for gym owners, which is $239 per month. 

  1. Mindbody

Another candidate that makes its path into the top 5 POS systems for gyms in 2024 is Mindbody. This software solution is also a cloud-based management software that has integration with a point-of-sale system for seamless payment processing. Thus, Mindbody enables you to streamline online booking, member management and class schedules with ease. 

Mindbody’s POS capabilities are quite user-friendly and beneficial while streamlining retail management. You can use this feature to streamline cash flow in your gym and stabilize your business finances. Here are some additional features that this software solution offers to streamline fitness studio operations. 

  • Offers an attendance tracking feature that enables you to keep track of your member’s attendance. 
  • Enable you to create a centralized platform with a customer database feature. 
  • You can easily schedule appointments and bookings with the class management feature. 


  • Offers a user-friendly design to improve service quality 
  • Also offer a mobile access feature for ensuring easy check-ins and check-outs. 


  • Mindbody doesn’t offer the activity tracking feature to monitor your gym progress. 
  • You can’t send reminders to your members about the class schedules and payment dues. 


Mindbody offers different pricing plans categorized based on the features that your gym requires. 

PlanStarterAccelerateUltimateUltimate Plus
Monthly Cost$159$279$499$699
  1. PushPress 

PushPress is a cloud-based gym POS software that enables you to streamline your studio operations while ensuring a remarkable fitness experience for your members. It offers essential features like class scheduling, client management and membership renewals to assist you in streamlining each aspect of your gym.

Moreover, its user-friendly POS software design makes it convenient for you to streamline payment processing. Thus, it enables you to ensure an environment where your members can achieve their fitness goals. Here are some additional features that this POS system ensures to assist you: 

  • Enable you to track your member’s attendance with the attendance management feature. 
  • Assist you in class scheduling with its built-in calendar management feature. 
  • You can also reach new members by using the email marketing feature. 


  • Offers a POS system that is suitable for small to mid-sized gyms. 
  • Have a user-friendly design for easy operations. 


  • Doesn’t offer an event scheduling feature to ensure a seamless member experience
  • You can’t maintain a member directory by using this software. 

Pricing plan

PushPress offers one pricing plan that starts at $159 per month. 

  1. PerfectGym 

PerfectGym is another candidate that can help you streamline your studio operation with its robust features in 2024. With its advanced and easy-to-use POS system, this software solution enables you to ensure secure payment processing. Your members can easily make transactions without standing in the queue at the bank to settle their dues. Moreover, It also offers seamless integration with third-party apps and devices to enhance functionality. 

This software solution enables you to streamline fitness studio operations such as class scheduling, client management and attendance tracking. Here are some of the additional features that this software provides: 

  • It enables you to enhance your staff efficiency through its instructor management feature. 
  • You can reach new members by using the built-in email marketing tool. 
  • Offer advanced point-of-sale features to ensure secure transactions. 


  • Offer exceptional customer support. 
  • Have built-in statistics and reporting features to track gym progress. 


  • Doesn’t offer an invoice management feature to keep track of transactions carried out. 
  • Doesn’t offer a mobile app to members for 24/7 gym access. 

Pricing plan

PerfectGym offers different pricing plans based on the requirements of the gym owners. 

Plan StudioClubBusinessEnterprise
Monthly Cost$129 $299$399Custom

Final thoughts

If you want to grow your gym among the competition by ensuring a seamless fitness experience for your members, it is essential for you to have a gym POS system. The POS software solution not only enables you to streamline your studio operation but also helps you in making data-driven decisions. You can choose a POS system for your gym from the top 5 best Gym POS system that provide you a complete solution for your business. By using one of them in your gym, you will foster long-term success while stabilizing your studio finances.