In the fast-paced world of fitness, is your outdated traditional  POS system slowing you down? Then, it’s time to hop on to a better solution.  The Worldmetrics Report 2024 shows that approximately 54% of merchants prefer new cloud-based POS systems as compared to the old traditional ones. POS systems are gaining popularity among multiple businesses swiftly, and gyms are no exception.

This industry is expected to grow at the rate of 11.34% in the time span of 2021-2026. Which clearly indicates how beneficial it has been to businesses of multiple sizes. Yet, finding the best solution and the right fit for your gym is important to optimize its success. Here are the five best point-of-sale systems that you can integrate into your gym in 2024

What POS system for gym is serving?

The point-of-sale system offers comprehensive solutions. It increases your gym’s growth rate and manages the client ratio, leading to success. You can easily generate higher revenue once you implement a reliable POS system for the gym, which serves the following advantages.  

Seamless transactions

A POS system makes all transactions smooth and seamless, offering multiple payment methods and ensuring cash flow. It not only helps your members utilize the services but also makes the processes way easier than any other traditional method. The following are some payment methods you can integrate into your business, as offered by the POS system.

Debit or credit card payments: Most people prefer to pay with their cards nowadays. It has been a common practice around the world. According to findings from the Diary of Consumer Payment Choice by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, just 10% of people used cash in 2023. On the other hand,  29% used debit and 37% used credit cards to make payments. Keeping the personal preferences of your members in view and integrating card payments makes it easier for everyone to pay bills on time. 

Third-party integration: Third-party integration is essential for multiple gyms around the world. All they have to do is interlink the payment process with the third-party system, which makes it convenient for merchants. 

Paytabs: A very well-known method of transaction that makes the process more efficient. If merchants provide multiple options to their members, they are more likely to stay loyal to the gym. 

Efficient gym management 

It efficiently manages most of the gym tasks and minimizes the chances of errors. The following are some of the main tasks automated and assisted by the gym management software.

Booking appointments: Allow the members to book appointments online from the comfort of their homes. This makes things easy for the merchants as they don’t have to double-check the slots before making an appointment, and there is almost no chance of any glitch. 

Scheduling: Design the timetable according to the requirements and automatically make amendments to any change of plans. 

Inventory management: Now, you don’t require anyone to take care of your inventory. The POS system for the gym sends you requirements when needed and keeps track of your stock and supplies. It sends an automatic notification for the required restocking. 

Manages members: Not only does it help to keep track of each member, but it also collects the subscription bills on time by sending members reminder notifications. 

Boost profitability

It increases the profitability of the business by implementing personal customization for payment systems and by providing analytically analyzed data. 

Partial payment system: A partial payment system will help your client pay for the subscription in multiple installments, with one quarter paid on the spot and the remaining made in installments. 

Analytical insights: Provides insights based on analyzed data, which helps to identify growth-driven opportunities to boost your business’s profits. 

List of the gym POS system software

Here’s a comparison table between the top five POS systems for gyms.

Core StrengthFeature-rich & CustomizableCloud-based & Integrated POSMobile-first & Member EngagementData-driven Insights & ReportingAll-in-one Gym Management
Membership ManagementFlexible Membership Options & PackagesComprehensive Membership OptionsStreamlined Sign-ups & Automated BillingMembership Management & PackagesIntegrated with POS & Scheduling
Class Scheduling & BookingUser-friendly Scheduling & Drag-and-DropOnline Booking & Attendance TrackingAutomated Scheduling & Mobile BookingIntegrated Scheduling & Kiosk BookingEasy-to-use Class Management
Payment ProcessingSecure & integrate with Multiple GatewaysMultiple Payment GatewaysSecure In-app PaymentsSecure Payment ProcessingIntegrated with POS System
Inventory Management (if needed)Integrates with Third-party Inventory SystemsManages Retail Sales & InventoryBuilt-in Inventory Management SystemLimited FeaturesBuilt-in Inventory Tracking
Reporting & AnalyticsCustomizable Reports & Business InsightsComprehensive Reporting SuiteReal-time Performance DashboardsDetailed Reporting & Member Engagement AnalysisProvides Business Performance Data
Mobile AppOffers Mobile App for Members & StaffMobile App for Booking & PaymentsMember-focused Mobile AppMobile App for Members & StaffMobile App for Members & Staff
PricingStarting from $79Starting from $75Tailored Pricing PackagesStarting Price from $99Tiered Pricing Plans

Gym management software by Wellyx: Best POS to boost profitability 

Gym management software by Wellyx is known for its exceptional features and the insights it provides to optimize pricing. It offers various features, from billing automation to multiple payment methods. Additionally, the finance management tracker helps to grab all the success-driven opportunities. 


  • It provides multiple payment options, including a partial payment system and split payments.
  • It offers very good gift cards and reward points features to maintain the retention rate. 
  • It provides the option of customizing the payment processes according to the requirement. 
  • Ensure availability of 24/7 member support. 


  • Doesn’t really provide an option of a free trial. 
  • Some knowledge is required to integrate this POS system for the gym. 

Gym Insight 

Gym Insight’s POS system stands out as one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-optimize systems on the market. Its unique design caters specifically to gym owners, enabling them to manage recurring bills and drive business growth efficiently. 


  • The gym’s insightful POS system offers very easy-to-use and impactful features.
  • Very user-friendly and suitable for all sizes of gyms. 


  • Usually, all the POS systems are easy to use and user-friendly.
  • Not up to the mark for enhancing the profitability. 


Mindbody is a well-known software in the market that provides POS systems. Likewise, Wellyx’s gym management software supports customized features. There are numerous features mindbody software offers, including scheduling and efficient management. 


  • Very intuitive hardware options and pricing strategies. 
  • Reliable for the merchants. 
  • Availability of Pay-as-you-go.


  • Doesn’t really offer progress tracking. 
  • The option for recurring billing is not available from the POS system. 


Glofox is an all-rounder software that provides multiple services, including POS systems, and is highly convenient for its members. It is well-known as software for optimizing billing and marketing. 


  • Provide offers for the family groups and manage the features.
  • Highly known software for lead management.


  • Hidden charges and pricing strategies. 
  • Add-ons require extra expenses.

It can seamlessly integrate into any size of the gym. However, the multiple payment options allow you to efficiently book the slots and avail the fitness services anytime, anywhere. This POS system manages the members’ subscriptions, different locations, and payouts. 


  • Known for good member service.
  • Reliable, good functionality. 


  • It takes quite some time to adjust to multiple gyms.


If we talk about a POS system for a gym, there are a few features that are essentially provided by almost all the POS system software. These capabilities include managing members, scheduling and bookings, inventory management, and boosting profitability. However, a few systems may not have these automatically integrated features, so it’s better to avoid such POS systems.