Every year brings new challenges for gym business owners in terms of market trends and optimal business growth. Undoubtedly, upgrading your gym business standards with the market trends is the key to success. The advancement over time keeps on turning the tables; one thing is highly in demand today and no longer in use the other day. 

Gym owners need to know that relying on outdated systems won’t get their business anywhere. In order to survive and sustain their business in the rapidly growing market, they need to upgrade their business with the advanced and best gym management software solutions. In addition, providing value to the customers is of utmost importance while juggling with rapid advancements in the industry. 

There are two determining factors that contribute to the growth of a gym business. Firstly, how efficiently the business is keeping pace with the market. Secondly, how does the business serve the customers with the value they expect to receive? Gym businesses are likely to suffer if business owners do not meet the expectations of members.

Living in the smart digital age, having an all-in-one solution tailored to your business needs is not a big deal. In the crowded market of gym software solutions, what matters the most is filtering what fulfills the fitness studios’ requirements. Since there are hundreds of solutions, you need to keep your senses active to pick the best for your gym fitness business.

If you are one of the gym owners looking to modernize your business but are bewildered about choosing the best, this blog is for you! It possesses all the necessary information in a more straightforward yet insightful manner. To make a well-informed decision, make sure you read it till the end.

Essential constituents of the best gym software systems

Every gym owner prioritizes streamlining their gym studio operations with smart software. A gym software, in turn, contains all the essential tools that simplify gym operations from the front desk to revenue management. Now, you might be inquisitive about the features that can over-refine business operations. 

Since there is a strong emphasis on gym software systems, let’s take a deeper look at the essential constituents of the best gym software systems. 

Membership management 

Undoubtedly, members are the most valuable asset of any business. Similarly, customer relationship management is highly important for the gym business. Additionally, it helps them improve the customer experience. The better the members’ management is, the happier and more satisfied the customers will be.

Class scheduler 

This feature is of great help to both the gym staff and members. With a class scheduler, the staff can seamlessly manage the upcoming gym classes, booking slots, and cancellations as well.

Additionally, it is easier for gym members to book their slots according to the available times. Moreover, members can book their slots without hassle or having to visit the gym manually.  

Point-of-sale (POS)

POS is the most essential and phenomenal feature that smoothly handles payments and billing processes. There is more efficacy and fewer chances of errors in financial management when the gym business operates on the gym software system.

Marketing tools

Marketing tools hold an unmatchable place in gym software systems. Access to all the vital tools for capturing and nurturing leads and branding helps a gym business grow better. 

Reporting & analytics 

This advanced feature enables gym managers and owners to have a detailed look at the business performance. Graphs and charts based on the customer database offer a wholesome view to help owners make better moves for business. 

Inventory tracking

Besides the gym operations, tracking the stock levels is easier with this feature. Gym owners and staff can effortlessly manage the retail store and the products without losing the count. This way, the gym studio is thoroughly managed by the software. 

Mobile App 

In this modern age, having a mobile app means being connected with your customers. With a tap on the phone, both the staff and members can remotely handle their payments and schedules. Mobile apps boost the customer and user experience with your gym business. 

10 best gym software systems in 2024

1. Wellyx gym management software 

Having all-in-one software at your disposal is no less than a boon for gym fitness studios. When it comes to adding value to a gym business, there is no better software than Wellyx gym management software. It provides a comprehensive suite for studio operations, sales, marketing, and better customer experience. 

Additionally, it is a pro at the art of uplifting the gym studios. Whether your gym studio is in the initial phases or intends to revamp the business operations, Wellyx gym management software will help you upgrade your business.  Moreover, its approach is specifically human-centered to reduce the manual workload and bring more robustness to gym management. 

Being the most satisfying software, it considers the success of its clients’ businesses as its goal. It includes every feature that should be the priority of any gym business and enables fitness centers to take a thorough kickstart toward business growth. 

Above all, what makes Wellyx gym management software the most dependable is its easy-to-navigate interface and top features. It offers:

  • Powerful marketing tools for meaningful branding of gym businesses 
  • Cloud-based software to simplify gym bookings online 
  • Comprehensive training of the integrating software 
  • An extensive suite of modules to thoroughly manage the gym
  • A seamless customer experience 

Furthermore, Wellyx gym management software has the ability to bring ease and efficiency to your gym business. From the front end to the back end tasks, your gym is flawlessly managed. In short, Wellyx gym management software has the potential to lead your gym to its best! 

Pros & cons

It offers lots of benefits to the gym owners and their businesses collectively. Some of the pros are:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Can be customized
  • Smooth payment integrations
  • Automates the processes
  • Economical price.

However, it is important to know the cons as well. Some of them are:

  • It does not offer a free plan (but a demo can be provided as per requirement) 
  • It offers limited third-party integrations

Pricing plan

It offers 3 pricing plans on a monthly and annual basis. Additionally, there is 20% off on annual payments. The 3 pricing plans are:

  • Excel–$79
  • Ultimate–$149
  • Exceed–$119

2. Gymdesk

The Gymdesk is meant to serve gym businesses of all sizes, from small to large. Having all the features in one place, it caters to the needs of fitness centers. As the name indicates, it is specifically designed to serve gyms, fitness centers,  martial arts schools, etc. 

The specialty of Gymdesk lies in its good features within a user-friendly interface. Additionally, it offers an economical pricing plan on the basis of business size and no. of members. It offers a seamless solution with access to all the essential features from lead management to appointment and membership management. 

Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros that Gymdesk provides:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Responsive design
  • Good customer service 

Similarly, the cons include:

  • Lack of robust reporting 

Pricing Plan

Its pricing plan is based on the number of active members and the size of the gym. It offers four pricing editions:

  • Micro gym plan–$75 monthly (up to 50 members)
  • Small gym plan– $100 monthly (up to 100 members)
  • Medium gym plan–$150 monthly (up to 200 members)
  • Large gym plan–$200 monthly (up to 400 members)

3. ZenPlanner

ZenPlanner should be the priority if you are a fitness enthusiast turning your passion into a profession. To make your business a great success, it possesses every essential tool, from membership management to scheduling and payment processing.  

It enables gym fitness owners to nurture and grow their businesses by having automated software. ZenPlanner is the right tech partner to assist you in modernizing your fitness business. Additionally, the top-notch features of member attendance, an online calendar, automated billing, and email templates take your fitness center to better heights. 

Pros & Cons

ZenPlanner offers pros, which are: 

  • Good reporting and analytics coverage 
  • Offers three free 45-minute sessions to help you know the usage and functionality 

Moreover, the cons are as follows: 

  • Lack of customization 
  • Limited mobile app customization

Pricing plan

It offers 3 pricing plans depending on the features. These are:

  • Studio(essentials)– $99/mo 
  • Engage(for growth)–$198/mo
  • Ultimate(to unleash full potential)–$298/mo

4. PushPress

PushPress is a trusted sidekick for your fitness business. With two thousand plus active customers, it feels proud of providing value to its customers. Additionally, it offers simple and handy software, which is the very base of founding PushPress.

Centered on catering to the needs of fitness businesses, it provides a comprehensive solution to upbeat the business game. Its software provides top-notch service.  From the interface to the suite of features and tools, PushPress promises betterment in your business. 

Pros & Cons

Pushpress offers benefits to its customers. It provides:

  • Comprehensive toolset for members’ management and scheduling
  • Simplified payment processing

Moreover, the cons are:

  • Lack of customization ability
  • Tracking feature needs improvement for a better customer experience

Pricing Plan

It offers 3 pricing plans starting from $0 to $229 maximum, based on the size of your gym. The monthly pricing plans are:

  • Free–$0 for smaller gyms and growing studios 
  • Pro–$159 for mid-sized gyms focused on improvement 
  • Max–$229 for larger gyms focused on optimizing their business 

5. Exercise.com

Exercise.com, being a comprehensive solution, offers a complete suite of tools and features to meet your gym business needs. It enables the gym studios to reflect their unique style by customizing the website and mobile app.

Besides this, it possesses a wide range of features to help your gym operations go smoothly. Exercise.com is a highly intuitive and user-friendly platform that allows consumers to book classes, view schedules, and make payments online. Moreover, it provides gym owners with valuable insights to help them make better moves. 

Pros & cons

Some of the pros Exercise.com offers are

  • Custom-branded mobile app
  • Customer service is really good

However, the cons include:

  • A bit more expensive than others
  • Takes time to set up the customized gym app
  • Booking and scheduling features consume time to set up

Pricing plan

Exercise.com does not offer a clear-cut pricing plan. Additionally, it offers packages to help fitness businesses grow better. So, you can get a quote from Exercise.com directly! 

6. ABC Glofox

Among the well-known gym software systems, Glofox stands as an award-winning gym management software. Its specialty is offering tools tailored to meet your business needs at every level. 

Additionally, it ensures the growth of your gym fitness center with the best possible tools in reach. It has the capacity to revamp your business management thoroughly with its top features. From marketing to sales, management, member experience, and retention tools, your gym business is in safe hands! 

Pros & cons

Here are the pros of using ABC Glofox. It offers:

  • Smoothly handles the payments
  • Seamless membership management system
  • Customized mobile apps

Cons of ABC Glofox include:

  • It does not cover the tracking feature 
  • Limited integrations that require additional charges 

Pricing plan

The pricing plan starts from $100 to a maximum of $190 per month. Additionally, it depends on the type of package you choose for your gym business. The monthly packages are:

  • Basic–$100 starting with add-ons requiring additional fees
  • Advanced–Not disclosed
  • Premium–$190 with additional fees on add-on features


With a promise to offer a life-changing wellness experience, it is one of the most well-recognized software. It provides a solution to empower people from various backgrounds. Whether your gym is taking a headstart or is already in the market, Mindbody knows how to help your gym business grow. 

In addition to the essential features of membership management and scheduling, it allows the gym businesses to have their customized mobile apps. It gives the possible opportunities for the gym business to brand itself. Mindbody has significantly grown its reputation over the years by offering versatility and efficiency to its customers. 

Pros & cons

The pros of Mindbody include

  • Seamless integrations
  • Flawless payment processing
  • Customized mobile apps
  • Excellent customer service

The cons include

  • The user experience is compromised 
  • Not really intuitive design
  • Very expensive 

Pricing plan

Mindbody offers 4 pricing plans depending on the business size and requirements. These are as follows:

  • Starter–$159/mo
  • Accelerate–$279/mo
  • Ultimate–$499/mo
  • Ultimate plus–$699/mo

8. Gymflow

If you want to revitalize your gym fitness business with smart software, then Gymflow is for you! Considering the market gaps, it aims to fulfill the business demands more meaningfully. With powerfully simple and smart software, it replenishes the business dynamics completely.

All the essential features and tools in one place allow you to grow more confidently. Additionally, its custom-branded mobile app lets you quickly showcase your unique brand image. With Gymflow, your business flow is maintained, ensuring growth and success! 

Pros & cons

Gymflow offers some pros to its customers, which are as follows:

  • Super intuitive
  • Active customer support 
  • Seamless third-party integrations 

However, the cons are:

  • Some of the features are still in process
  • The pricing plan is a bit costly

Pricing plan

Incredibly, Gymflow offers a pricing plan depending on the monthly revenue of the gym business. It offers 3 plans:

Starter–$129 (revenue up to $15,000/mo)

Growth–$179 (revenue up to $25,000/mo)

Expert–$229 (revenue more than $25,000/mo)

9. Virtuagym

Since 2012, it has grown tremendously and is proud to serve over 20M+ consumers. Whether your gym business needs to be revamped or your revenue needs to be increased, Virtuagym can fit in to fulfill your needs. 

With its complete package, it streamlines daily operations more efficiently. In this way, more time is saved that can be invested into other essential tasks.  

Pros & cons

Some of the pros Virtuagym offers are

  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Great customer support  

The cons of Virtuagym are

  • Its integration needs improvement
  • Its marketing tools are pretty limited 

Pricing plan

Virtuagym does not mention a clear-cut pricing plan. Instead, it provides a customized pricing package based on the business needs and size. 

10. GymMaster

Though GymMaster appears in the end, it never fails to win the trust of its customers. GymMaster feels pride in replacing the outdated business management module with smart gym management software. 

It is specially crafted to meet the needs of gyms, health clubs, and businesses. With its user-friendly interface, it uplifts the gym studio management by bringing more efficiency to the whole business. 

Pros & cons

The pros of GymMaster include:

  • Smart access control system
  • Automated front-desk tasks
  • Seamless payment processing

The cons of GymMaster include:

  • Its pricing budget is expensive 
  • Marketing feature needs improvement 

Pricing plan

GymMaster offers 4 pricing plans:

  • Foundation plan–$89
  • Advanced plan–$129
  • Professional plan–$209
  • Enterprise plan–based on requirements 

Top gym studio software at a glance

Software solution Membership management Class schedulerPOSMarketing toolsIntegrations Reporting& analytics Inventory trackingMobile apps
WellyxYes Yes Yes Yes Limited Yes Yes Yes 
GymdeskYes YesYesYesLimited LimitedYes No 
ZenplannerYes Yes Limited Yes YesYes Yes Limited 
PushPressYes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Limited Limited 
Exercise.comYes Yes Yes Yes Limited YesLimited Yes 
ABC Glofox YesYesYesYesYesYes NoYes
GymflowYesYesYesLimited YesYesYesLimited 
VirtuagymYesLimitedYesLimited Limited YesNoYes
GymMaster YesYesYesLimited YesYesNoYes

Bottom Line

Given the technological advancements in the fitness industry, fitness clubs must adopt more modern and cutting-edge business management tools, one of which is software management software.

If you want your gym fitness studio to pace with the tremendously growing fitness industry, you need one of the top gym software systems. Finding the best for you is difficult no more, as this blog uncovers the best and most recognized gym software. Now, the ball is in your court; you can score a goal with it!

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