The fitness industry is one of the most remarkably growing and trending industries at present.

The prevalence of gym software is exceptional, as some recent studies show the global market size of the industry. However, the market size was at 222.5 million in 2021, and it is estimated to rise by 149.32 million. However, on the one hand, where market size is expanding and bringing in new opportunities to grow business, on the other hand, the challenges to handling such large-scale business are not easy.

Being an owner, you must strive to bring ultimate success to your fitness business. It’s a dream come true for every single entrepreneur. 

To make all your dreams come true, all you need to do is to integrate the right gym management software. This allows you to strategize the content and utilize all the facilities with technology. Consider an all-in-one solution to all your problems. 

Before we delve deep into the details of the best available software, let’s have a brief look at the advantages of the best gym management software. 

What does free gym management software mean?

What does free gym management software mean

What’s better than enjoying free software for your gym? However, free gym management software doesn’t refer to having access to software for free. It indicates the company is offering some free features or a free trial so you can choose the best suitable software for your gym. Let’s discuss some of the most common gym management software free currently ranking at the top in the market.

Gym software by Wellyx

Gym software by Wellyx

Wellyx has been a preferred software by gym owners for the past 5 years. Its safety and security make it even more trustworthy and reliable. Well, there are some add-ons offered by free gym management software in the market; however, spending a little money to grab the best profits is a good idea. It’s called investing for a more significant outcome. Wellyx serves a wide range of industries and performs exceptionally well in fitness. Further, it’s every fitness business’s reliable choice, including a yoga studio, CrossFit, or gym. 

The Wellyx is known for its essential operations, sales, and marketing features. Any business depends entirely on the above features as they are pillars, and the following are the bricks of any company to build up and grow.

  1. Appointment and scheduling.
  2. Attendance and performance tracker.
  3. Inventory control 
  4. Membership managing 
  5. Client relationship management 
  6. Marketing
  7. Multiple location capability

With its most attributes, it simplifies gym processes and determines everything by assembling every task. Well, when it comes to software integration, cost efficiency is essential to keep a check on. This also helps you to look at the difference between the functioning of both. This software delivers a number of distinctive features; one of these features is that it allows you to use your own brand identity over the application, giving you the freedom to brand your Emails, Reference offers, and sign-up applications so the users may know who they are signing up with. This creates a bond based on pure loyalty and trust.


With Wellyx, not only can you arrange online Zoom classes, but you can also have an integrated online payment method, including payment plans and auto-debit features. It’s obvious that online billing options must follow online bookings. Otherwise, you have to handle the cash by receiving it physically, and then there’s no benefit in using online sessions. It is also an assurance for you to get paid for the services you are providing to your customers. 

With Wellyx, you can always see your payment details and financial stats. Automated billing features can be used to generate your earnings and expense reports. With this, you can always evaluate your wallet shares to plan your budget. It is a great feature in making a business successful. 

You can monitor your financial statistics or attendance using Wellyx. The application can generate these reports for you to highlight the good and bad areas in your business. This way, you may know the factors contributing to the success or problems of your business.

This can also benefit your customers by notifying them about any upcoming class alerts so they may not miss out on their registrations before the capacity runs out and also if they need to reschedule or cancel any class of theirs. 


The con of Wellyx software for the gym is that it doesn’t offer any free version or any free feature. Meanwhile, it’s one of the most efficient software and provides the most effective services with a wide range of software. However, all you have to do is buy the subscription and no further payments for any add-ons. 

Wellyx provides you with 3 different subscriptions

  • Excel-79 USD per month
  • Exceed-119 USD per month
  • Ultimate (popular)-149 USD per month



The first on the gym management software free list with a free download option is PushPress. If you are starting your new business, it is a perfect place for smaller gyms and fitness boutiques looking to optimize their processes.


Users can register for their classes on their own and add their personal information online; they are in total control of their profiles. Your Online stores can also be added and accessed by the users to buy any related accessories or supplements they’re looking for. 

PushPress assists its users in every possible way. Users can know if the session they’re signing up for is at its capacity to avoid any unpleasant declines. In this way, they can observe the number of attendees in a class and decide how often they should schedule a certain class. These tasks are handled under the automated waitlist feature of the application. As we have discussed about the pros, we have a list of cons as well that come along with the free version. 


Well, along with such great benefits, the biggest glitch follows up in the payments and transactions. The feedback system highlighted that the payment transaction takes time, and the software needs to provide the correct financial analysis. The free version users usually face problems with the UI, and there’s a disconnect between the check-in portal app and the web console. 


PushPress has 2 more subscription modes available besides the free version. If you are satisfied with your free version and want more, you can always subscribe to one of the following plans:

* $159 per month (£129.52)

* $229 per month (£186.54



Teamup is also one of the easiest software to use. Users can learn to use the application in this 30-day free trial and try out different features to see what the best strategy is for your business to grow. You can decide for yourself if it’s working out for you or not before paying for the subscription.


The software is worth your time since it will administer and manage a number of your tasks for you, saving you a lot of time and effort so you may focus on your customer interactions rather than your admin tasks.

The best thing about Teamup is that even with a free subscription plan, you’re getting all the features; the only difference is the number of active customers. So you can use all the features even with the cheapest plan. However, its integration can lead to various other glitches.

If the active members are dropped from the last month’s numbers, You will pay any amount that suits your situation. This competitive price scaling is a very reasonable option for someone with a flexible income.


The biggest con the Teamup free version has is that it doesn’t provide accurate reporting and analysis. Clients often reported that their members were canceling and not showing up. Still, it wasn’t even on the records provided by the software. Moreover, the scheduler usually glitches, especially when a trainer has scheduled a session and it shows an error. You must think it isn’t such a big deal yet. Still, it impacts the gym’s reputation really badly. 

Zen planner

Zen planner

A very simple and easy-to-use application with a 15-day free trial that is basically one of the best options for beginners in the field of gym membership management. It packs all the important features that you need in a single download. 


This application is designed to learn and adapt to your business type in the field of fitness management business. This could be any type of business; whether it’s a simple yoga coaching center or a boutique gym, Zen Planner has got you covered in all aspects. 

For instance, It can be used to monitor someone at your martial arts studio that you’re running inside your gym by tracking features of the software to keep a clean record of those who are up for a belt or a promotion in the near future. You may also enter them into your calendar so that you won’t miss the tasks and the upcoming events.


Whether free or the purchased version, both are highly technical. Requires separate training to have a thorough understanding of usage. The features are not very competitive compared to Wellyx software for gyms and others.

Single subscription

You will not lose any features when you shift towards your paid subscription from your free trial version, as Zen Planner uses a price scale that is dependent on the client numbers. It is a great option to handle your daily business tasks and grow your business easily with a single subscription:

  • Monthly-$121



For small fitness business owners, this free software is a very suitable option. BookAMat helps increase client interactions for small businesses like Little Fitness studios to grow by using different tactics.


A sliding pay scale is used by this app that is dependent on your active clients. It is free for 10 or fewer clients and rises by 30p per member (with a max of $76.35 ). That makes BookAMat one of the best free gym membership management software for small businesses that offer more specified classes like

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Dance and barre
  • HIIT training 

They provide services mainly in one of these fields, prioritizing automated payments and managing bookings.

For Example, the feature of an automated waitlist helps users avoid any overbooking by smartly scheduling the sessions. This smart feature also helps fill the gaps created by avoiding overbookings, so even after canceling a session, you may not lose any clientele.


Well, as much as it fascinates with the ultimate features and marketing, gym owners do not turn themselves blind to the malfunctioning they face. BookaMat comes with a manual of 33 pages, which they find pretty frustrating and confusing to keep every technicality in mind. Another major drawback reported is that it’s not designed for every generation. Old-school people might feel challenges while using it. 


Integrating gym management software free is no doubt a great start; however, it comes along with a variety of other challenges as well. People have reported numerous glitches and malfunctions when using gym management software, usually while using online payment systems. Professionally, usually recommend gym owners to induce subscribed gym software to avoid any inconveniences. Wellyx is no doubt a budget-friendly and reliable option for gyms. You can rely on the functioning of software as it becomes the pillar of the gym as soon as you integrate it. Wellyx is supporting the fitness businesses to be successful yet going really easy on your pocket. 

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