Boxing Studio Scheduling Software

Being a boxing studio owner is not as simple as people assume you to be. You need to deal with multiple daily challenges regarding scheduling classes to fulfill your members’ requirements. For example, you need to ensure appropriate class strength, send class reminders to members, and manage the shift times of your staff members.

Manual management hinders progress and increases the chances of errors. However, the boxing gym scheduling system improves the functioning of routine operations and saves time and effort. It enables you to efficiently manage schedules and show your studio’s prime representation.

Appointment Scheduling

Boxing gym scheduler enables you to manage appointments, class bookings, and events. This feature eliminates the chances of errors such as class overlaps and double bookings. In addition, it facilitates members by allowing them to choose a specific time slot.

Internal management

GymManagement-Software makes internal management easier. It features block time, which allows an individual staff member to display their unavailability in a specific time frame. The changes you make in the backend are automatically reflected in the primary schedule. 

In addition, using the boxing gym scheduling system, your staff can schedule calls to members. It also allows you to add details such as reason, title, and member name.

Task assigning

Add a task title, select the date, specify its starting and ending time, and assign it to a specific staff member. You can also mention its priority level so the team members can manage it accordingly. In addition, the software allows you to add specific information if required. In this way, the scheduling feature enhances collaboration among members.

Calendar management

The boxing gym scheduling system lets your members view, schedule, or cancel their schedule from the official website’s widget. In addition, they can pre-book a specific class to confirm their slot.

Automated reminders

The boxing gym scheduler lets you set automatic reminders to reduce class absenteeism. This enhances member interaction and encourages them to participate in classes warmly. 

Reservation of facilities

The boxing gym scheduling system enables you to manage your resources effectively. Your staff can view the schedules of the reserved facilities at a specific time. In this way, new members will better understand the available facilities.


Grow your business using different scheduling ideas

Other than helping you in the scheduling process, the boxing gym scheduling software helps you identify the most popular classes. In addition, you can track the trainer in demand at your boxing studio. Using the software, you can increase the frequency of classes to fulfill members’ expectations.

Manage recurring classes

This saves time and energy for your staff members. You do need to manually manage recurring classes, but you can automate their scheduling using the software. Just add the details to the software once, and it will operate accordingly.

Allow members to reserve their slots

Many times, it becomes difficult for members to enroll in high-in-demand classes. In this way, the chances of skipping their favorite classes increase. Disappointment of your members is not good for your business. Therefore, the boxing gym scheduling system enables your members to reserve their slots beforehand. In addition, this technique helps you to effectively manage the peak hours of your business.

Attendance tracking

The software tracks class participants’ attendance records. This information helps identify the most popular class and allows you to use resources appropriately. Furthermore, using this information, you can craft market strategies to attract more members and boost your business.

Gym management software with scheduling system for boxing clubs & gyms & studios

Synchronization with Google Calendar

GymManagement-Software allows you to synchronize your widget’s official calendar with Google Calendar. The changes you make in the widget display on the Google Calendar, and vice versa.

Waitlist management

The boxing gym scheduler lets your members reserve their slots in completly booked classes. The software notifies the next member when a slot gets free. Similarly, the process goes on until the next member joins.

Customize booking limits

You can customize the booking limits using the boxing gym scheduler. This feature prevents overbooking and enables you to improve performance quality. Furthermore, using the booking limit customization feature, you can effectively use resources. 

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