Boxing Studio Software: The Right Choice to Manage Fitness Business

Are you tired of manual management and a plethora of routine tasks? Then, do not be late in choosing the right software to manage a boxing studio that saves time, effort, and operational costs. Wellyx’s boxing studio software minimizes the chances of errors and ensures smooth processing of routine administrative tasks. It gives an order to your data, allowing you to manage multiple tasks easily.

Schedule classes without errors

The boxing club membership software minimizes the chances of errors such as double booking and overlapping of classes. As a studio owner, you do not need to check space availability in the studio manually. The software automatically prevents booking on already booked slots and reserved studio areas. In addition, it allows you to display schedules on the official business website and mobile application. So, each participant and instructor gets clarity about their schedules.

Furthermore, you can limit specific classes to optimize utilization of resourses. Moreover, the boxing studio software lets customers reserve slots when a class is booked. So that when a slot gets free, or a previous customer cancels the class, the software automatically sends a notification. These error-free functioning of routine operations enhance customer satisfaction and greatly boost your business.

Offer diverse methods of payment processing

Wellyx’s boxing studio software resolves the problems of payment processing and facilitates your customers in every way. The software maintains the record of all transactions and allows customers to pay through PayTabs, Stripe, and Go Cardless. In addition, you can accept cash payments from all kinds of debit and credit cards.

Offering diverse payment methods is about creating convenience for your customers. At the same time, you grow your chances to increase sales while not letting any customer return without purchasing.

Track attendance records to identify selling patterns

Check the attendance record of your customers to optimize selling strategies. The boxing studio software lets customers check in and out from their mobile devices. Furthermore, the software features an access control system that enables you to control all entries and exits. This way, you can enhance your studio’s security and restrict members’ entries with pending dues.

Furthermore, tracking the attendance record of customers enables you to identify your studio’s selling trends. So you can customize packages, knowing customers’ demands. In addition, the software also tracks staff members’ attendance records. This information helps in payroll management and maintains optimal staff strength within your fitness studio.


Software for boxing studios magically increasing revenue

Offering services to customers according to their requirements magically boosts revenue. People show interest in your advertisements, creating relevance and enhancing their interest. Therefore, they join your membership programs, ultimately generating revenue for your fitness business. Moreover, Wellyx’s boxing studio software helps you manage your targeted marketing campaigns efficiently.

Create segments of your audience

Set an audience to run your marketing campaigns to increase the chances of conversions. Boxing club management software allows you to create segmentations of your audience. You can send bulk emails to a specific age group, gender, or date of enrollment. In this way, the message of your campaigns reaches the right person. 

Do not waste time on useless leads

Identify the potential of your leads using the boxing studio software. Using the software, you can efficiently analyze the behavior of your lead, which helps you use your time and energy in the right way. In addition, it allows you to nourish your leads by sending automated notifications. It encourages effective communication and develops trust among customers. The software helps you in an effective lead management process to increase the chances of conversion.

Offer personalized services

Grab the attention of your customers while offering them personalized services. However, the boxing studio software also helps you implement this strategy. It is because the software maintains the record of all members and enables you to check their membership details easily. Using that information, such as their interests and buying trends, you can offer personalized services. It is a good strategy to boost business and improve customer loyalty.

Gym management software with scheduling system for boxing clubs & gyms & studios

Improve sales with proper inventory management

The software streamlines the process of inventory management, which helps you to boost your sales. In addition, you can easily analyze the demand for products. Such availability of information enables you to optimize inventory and save your business from overstocking and low stocking. However, the software features barcode scanning that automatically updates the product after the sale. 

POS system that accepts gift cards

Gift cards create a great convenience for customers, but at the same time, managing these is a great challenge for studio owners. However, the boxing studio software makes this process easier for studio owners because of the point of sale (POS) system. The software tracks expiration dates and usability to save your studio from fraud and misuse. In addition, you can manually generate code for gift cards, and the software also automates it.

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