Corporate Fitness Software

Being a corporate gym owner, do you struggle with managing bookings and client retention? Make your routine tasks easy with corporate gym software and ensure continuous growth of your gym business.

Membership management

Get access to the customers’ profiles just by entering their names. The software organizes their information, enabling you to check their status and manage targeted marketing campaigns. In addition, it reduces your workload from the enrollment process to handling renewals.

Create flexible payment plans

Using the corporate gym software, you can facilitate your customers with flexible payment plans. Make it more accessible to customers and improve the cash flow of your gym studio. Offering such convenience increases customer loyalty and retention. Furthermore, allow your customers to customize their packages to enhance customer satisfaction.

Automated renewals

Set automated renewals to ensure uninterrupted cash flow and membership experience. In addition, you can predict the expected revenue of the gym studio with the help of this feature. It allows you to create an adequate budget to use your resources and save time.

Freeze payments

Allow your customers to freeze their payments using the corporate fitness management software to enhance their experience. This feature enables your customers to freeze their membership for a specific time when they do not use it. They can unfreeze it when they need to utilize gym services.

Staff management

Staff management is a crucial aspect of corporate gyms to enhance customer satisfaction. The software allows you to assign shifts, ensuring each requirement is adequately staffed. You can assign specific roles, manage shift changes, and track staff members’ attendance records. In addition, you can grant access to your team members to manage their shifts and communicate their availability.

Lead management

Effective lead management guarantees the success of your business. Corporate fitness software helps nurture leads and increases the chances of conversion. It makes this process smoother and minimizes the chances of losing even a single potential lead. The software allows you to automate follow-up messages and optimize the sales process.


As your gym business grows, its requirements also increase. The software increases its storage capacity to accommodate your data. You can easily add data on new staff members and customers. Furthermore, it shows the same performance without disrupting your business.

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Stay one step ahead of your competitors with creative techniques

The corporate fitness management software allows you to implement creative techniques and boost your business. These strategies distinguish you from your competitors and attract more customers.

Reward programs

Corporate fitness software allows you to manage reward programs and create transparency within the studio. It is also a powerful tool for creating a strategy for customer retention and motivating them to achieve their fitness goals. It allows you to develop a community of fitness enthusiasts. Promote their hard work on different social media platforms to attract more customers. Reward the biggest achiever and show their achievements to the world. That is your success!

Gift cards

Your customers can avail of services using gift cards, saving them from the worry of paper money. In addition, It is an effective strategy to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Your customers can share gift cards with their friends and family.

Furthermore, offer discounts on gift cards for their promotion. In this way, this becomes a valuable marketing tool and increases brand awareness.

Personalized fitness plans

Offer personalized fitness plans to your customers and meet each customer’s unique needs and preferences. Showing such care to your customers makes you different from your competitors. The software allows you to offer and easily manage personalized fitness plans. Improve customer engagement and ensure the long-term success of your business.

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Check performance through a dashboard

Track the performance of an individual staff member. The corporate fitness software prominently provides information about scheduled and actual working hours. In addition, you can track the pending tasks of a particular member. This information allows you to increase the gym studio’s productivity.

Point of sale (POS) system

The corporate fitness software features a robust point of sale (POS) system. It creates convenience for your staff members and customers as well. You can offer additional services to generate more revenue. Furthermore, the software helps with inventory management and automatically updates inventory after each sale.

Track booking history

Identify the selling trends of the gym studio using the corporate fitness software. Using this information, you can effectively craft strategies and meet your customers’ preferences.

Diverse payment methods

Offering diverse payment methods to your customers increases sales and creates convenience for customers. The corporate fitness management software lets you accept payments through Stripe, PayTabs, and GoCardless. In addition, it enables your customers to pay through their credit and debit cards.

Waitlist management

Waiting in long queues is annoying for customers. Especially when a customer wants to join their favorite classes, it affects your workflow and damages the business’s reputation. The software allows you to manage your workflow, saving from customer frustration. The waitlist management feature in the software allows your customers to reserve their slot in a fully booked class. The software automatically sends a notification to the next member. In this way, you maximize class capacity and increase customer satisfaction.

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