Crossfit scheduling software

You can efficiently manage the scheduling operations of your Crossfit studio and minimize no-shows. Wellyx’s Crossfit scheduling software enables you to customize schedules and allows your members to view available classes online. In addition, the software minimizes the chances of errors such as double booking and class overlapping. Using this feature, you can easily perform multiple functions to enhance discipline within your fitness center.

Customize class type

Customize class types using the Crossfit gym schedule and offer your customers a personalized workout experience. In addition, using the scheduling feature, you can provide diverse classes to attract customers. Track the attendance record of customers in an individual class and increase its frequency when seeing demand. Similarly, create a balance between a mixture of classes to maximize revenue and facilitate different kinds of customers. 

Automatic management of recurring classes

Being a studio owner, you do not need to manage recurring classes repetitively. The Cross gym scheduling software allows you to set up these classes to save time and effort. In addition, you can easily customize the starting date,  ending date, and recurrence pattern for each class type. Moreover, the software lets you update and organize your schedules according to customers’ preferences.

Enable members to enroll within the time

Wellyx’s Crossfit scheduling software lets your members view the schedule on the mobile application and website. In addition, the software enables them to reserve their slots within time. In this way, they can easily enroll themselves in their favorite classes, and you can easily manage peak hours. This way, the booking process becomes convenient for customers, who can easily align their personal routines with the studio’s schedule. Furthermore, this technique increases class attendance rates and overall member engagement.

Attendance tracking

Using the scheduling feature, you can easily track the attendance records of participants in each class. In this way, you can easily gain valuable insights and increase engagement levels. This information helps you to identify popular classes and craft your market strategies accordingly. Furthermore, knowing the number of participants enables you to use resources effectively. You can adjust the class size, allocate instructors and ensure the availability of resources. 

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Adaptable to your changing needs and accessible to members and staff 

In the moments when it is impossible to cancel classes, Wellyx’s Crossfit software accommodates making changes. For example, when an instructor cancels at the very last moment, you can assign another instructor to that class. The software notifies the relevant team members and participants as well. Furthermore, it ensures that all necessary adjustments are reflected in the schedule. In this way, it keeps everyone informed and minimizes the chances of disruptions.

Waitlist management

Manage peak hours effectively using the waitlist management feature in Wellyx’s Crossfit scheduling software. This feature lets your customers reserve their slots when a class is booked. In addition, the software automatically sends a notification to the next participant when a slot gets free.  In this way, you save your customers from the frustrations of waiting and ensure they receive the services they expect when they arrive.

Instructor management

Using the scheduling system of the software, you can easily manage the instructor’s responsibility. In addition, you can provide essential details to customers along with their schedules. For example, number of years of experience, skill level, and expertise. Furthermore, the Crossfit gym scheduler allows you to provide a clear view of the instructor’s availability. 

Class reservations from the mobile application

Enable your customers to reserve classes using the mobile application. In addition, your customers can access the schedule from the mobile app. They can check the instructor’s availability and book classes. Such convenience increases member engagement and the level of satisfaction.

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Manage appointments using Google Calendar

Crossfit scheduling software enables you to manage appointments, classes, and events. It can also synchronize your calendar with Google Calendar. Furthermore, the changes you make in the Google Calendar are reflected in the official website’s widget. The software also notifies relevant class participants about the change in their workout schedule. In this way, users get the most up-to-date information. 

Customize booking limits

The software enables you to customize booking limits on specific classes. In this way, you can prevent overbooking and optimize class availability. In addition, the option of limited slots creates curiosity among customers. It increases their chances of showing up, and classes instantly get reserved. Furthermore, customizing booking limits ensures that you optimize resource utilization.

Track booking history

Using the Crossfit scheduling software, you can easily track the booking history of your customers. Using this information, you can offer them personalized recommendations and incentives based on their attendance record. 

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