Fitness accounting software

With fitness accounting software, you can generate precise financial reports for your gym. Consolidate financial operations with an all-in-one accounting solution for your fitness studio. The software enables you to enhance the performance of your fitness center accounting operations.

Financial management with web-based solution

Manage your fitness studio expenses and monitor cash flow in real time with the fitness accounting software. You can easily access the software anytime, anywhere, to manage your studio finances. In addition, the software solution offers efficiency and convenience in managing financial tasks. 

  • With tailored accounting solutions, you can access financial reports and manage bills. 
  • Offer a web-based solution, you can access from anywhere through internet connectivity. 
  • Allows you to reduce the chances of errors while managing different clients’ profiles.

Seamless invoicing and billing

The fitness accounting software allows you to consolidate your client’s bills and invoices. So you can easily track the payments made by your clients for your services.  With the software, you can easily regulate the repetitive task of invoice creation and reduce the chance of human errors. Moreover, the automated invoicing and billing let you track invoice statuses for better cash flow management. 

  • The software allows you to generate bills and invoices based on product or service sales. 
  • Enables you to track the daily sales by the summary of invoices and bills so that you can track your studio’s daily profit. 
  • You can also add discounts to the automated invoices and bills by using the software.


Track revenue and manage sales transactions with the built-in advanced Point-of-sales feature. Using the advanced POS feature, you can process sales and update inventory levels. In addition, the fitness accounting software enables you to accept payments via different methods such as cash, GoCardless, paytabs, and Stripe. 

  • Enable you to split payments within the same generated invoice using the split payment option.
  • Allows your clients to have a payment summary for what they have purchased. 
  • It also enables you to generate sales sales summaries by item type.
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Simplify bookkeeping with an all-in-one accounting solution

Financial management of a fitness studio is not as easy as it seems. Streamlining the financial operations of a fitness center has its own challenges. You have to keep track of each purchase your client makes and maintain consistent cash flow in the studio. Thus, it diverts all your focus on the financial operations and leads to distraction from other administrative operations. However, the fitness accounting software allows you to enhance your studio’s financial efficiency while streamlining the studio’s accounting operations. By using this innovative solution, you can create an environment where you have more time to focus on business growth. 

Save time 

To ensure a good fitness experience for your clients, you have to spend time with your clients and streamline their fitness requirements. So, you are not able to give enough time to the finances of your studio. But, with the fitness accounting software, you can automate your studio’s financial operation, such as automated invoices and billings. 

Get paid faster

With fitness accounting software, you can make transactions quite faster, whether you are receiving payment from clients or lending money to the vendor to maintain an inventory stock threshold level. The software accepts payments using various methods such as paytabs, stripes, etc. Moreover, you can easily track each invoice using the web-based solution. 

Expense reports

You can also generate expense reports using fitness accounting software. So, you get a complete analysis of the money you spent On different studio operations. Moreover, you can get a summary of the payment breakdown using the software. So you can track your studio’s financial operations with ease and streamline financial management. 

Re-order threshold

In your studio, you have to re-order inventory to maintain the minimum stock level in the fitness center. But, using the fitness accounting software, you are not only able to maintain a level of re-order threshold, but you can also manage the finances related to it. You can easily generate invoices for all the inventory that you have ordered and keep that invoice digitally. Thus, it enables you to maintain the studio bookkeeping. 

Dynamic statements 

To ensure the success of your studio, you have to pay attention to real-time insights into your business’s financial health and performance. Dynamic statements such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements generated by the fitness accounting software provide accurate and up-to-date statistics about your business and aid you in decision-making. So, you can make a decision about your fitness center’s growth and success.

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Sales revenue tracking

To calculate your fitness business profitability, you can also track your business sales by using the software.  With the built-in sales feature, you can easily get the sales breakdown invoices. Thus, it enables you to track the group revenue into different dimensions and show the percentage of each dimension.  In addition, you can easily track your studio revenue by gift card sales. 

  • Enable you to track your studio revenue through sales by classes and staff. 
  • It also allows you to track your studio’s revenue by selling add-ons to your clients. 
  • With an advanced POS system, Wellyx’s fitness accounting software lets you add tips and park sales to your client’s invoices.

Financial reporting

To get statistics about your business growth, you can get detailed financial reports using accounting software. These financial reports include cash flow statements, income statements, etc. This gives you a thorough analysis of all your gym’s income sources and expenses. So you can make data-driven decisions about your studio business growth. 

  • Enables you to track employees’ payrolls to have a clearer picture of your studio’s financial management. 
  • Also, provides you with information about daily refunds so you can make decisions to improve the client’s retention rate. 
  • Allows you to track your studio promo code sales.

Multiple access

The software aids you in managing your studio finances, whether you have one studio or multiple franchises for your brand. This feature ensures a high level of security while streamlining financial operations. In addition, the software also lets you accept online payments from different franchise locations. 

  • The software offers a CRM system to streamline your studio operations while managing gym finances.
  • Also, it allows you to reduce the risk of errors by introducing an automated lead-capturing process.
  • It also enables you to schedule classes for your studio and assist you in streamlining studio operations.

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