Interactive data visualization

Better accessibility to
real-time information

Create a dashboard of an individual member

Enable your members to check their profiles and track their individual progress. This dashboard provides complete details of members’ profiles, such as date of joining, contact information, and membership renewal date. They can check their performance from their profiles. Having access to members’ dashboards, you can offer personalized workout plans and help them achieve their fitness goals.

Transparency in financial reporting

Accurate financial information

Improve the cash flow of your gym while tracking revenue generation. Wellyx’s fitness club reporting software creates transparency within your financial system. You can analyze sales trends and identify the highest-selling product at a specific time.

Gym management software with promo codes for franchise
Check the usefulness of promo codes

Track promo code sales

Get information about the effectiveness of marketing campaigns using Wellyx’s fitness club reporting software. It allows you to track promo code sales. Analyze the total number of times a specific code has been used. You can get a customized report on the source type.

Everything at your ease

Leads report

Check leads’ details using Wellyx’s club reporting software. You can analyze leads’ status, lead activities, and lead sources. Generate reports about lost leads to make consistent improvements and craft a different strategy to achieve conversions.

View stock

Ensure product availability by getting the stock details. The software provides the detailed report of the current stock. You can get information about specific product, category and brand. Using this feature, prevent stock out, overstocking and improve product life cycle.

Customers’ details

Store contact information of staff and members in the software. Get attendance reports of staff and members. Track first visit of members to understand customer journey. Create a summary of reward programs, our software provides reports of earned and redeemed points of an individual member.

Know about referrals and refunds

Strategize your growth

Create a detailed report of all payments, including refunds. Knowing refund history you can prevent fraud and identify the products being mostly refunded. Improvise your strategy to increase sales and enhance member satisfaction. Generate a report of referrals to identify your loyal customers and build stronger relationships with them.

Gym management software automates payments
Manage staff members with the cycling studio software
Create discipline with staff management

See staff details

Using the club reporting software, you can see staff details based on their position and status. The software allows you to get a detailed report of check-in and check-out and the scheduled shift of an individual member. Enhance productivity by getting a detailed report of every task assigned to staff and ensuring its completion on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Identify your gym’s needs and explore the reporting features in the fitness club reporting software. Consider preferring the one that improves discipline and creates transparency in your gym. Choosing the one that guarantees accuracy and transparency in the reporting system is better.

Wellyx’s fitness club reporting software is the best because it contains a range of reporting features. You can generate reports of members’ purchase history, members’ referrals and attendance reports. The information helps you to stand out in the market and exhibit excellence.

Fitness club management software automates your routine tasks; it tracks the attendance of staff and gym members. You can generate reports anytime to make more informed decisions. Checking these reports you can identify the highest performer of your fitness studio.

You can track referrals and the effectiveness of promo codes by generating reports to ensure the gym’s success. Craft a strategy while seeing sales trends and enhancing member satisfaction.

Wellyx’s fitness club reporting software allows you to make members’ reports registered in your gym. Furthermore, you can filter members’ details such as membership types, contact information and payment history.  The software allows you to track expired and terminated memberships.

Using Wellyx’s fitness club reporting system, you can generate customized staff reports. You can see performance details in reports of specific staff such as personal trainers, receptionists, and managers. Make an effective lead-nurturing strategy by analyzing leads’ behavior to increase the likelihood of conversion.

Yes. Fitness club reporting software can integrate with other systems to enhance reporting capabilities. These integrations allow you to comprehensively analyze the data, such as billing records and overall gym performance. Furthermore, integration facilities minimize the chances of errors and generate more accurate and up-to-date results.

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