Maximize revenue with limited resources

Group Fitness Management Software

Create difference with diversity

Our group fitness class software allows you to manage a wide range of class types. Include sessions of yoga, HIIT, strength training, and dance to attract members with different interests, fitness levels, and goals. Such diversity creates an exciting gym environment that makes you significantly different from your competitors. Assign duties to your instructors according to their expertise and teaching styles.

Promote classes with a strategic approach

Catch members’ interest

Create offers that your members can not refuse. Our group fitness management software allows you to track members’ buying behavior. Target customers by knowing their demographics, gender, and interests. Promote class packages with a strategic approach and reap maximum results from your marketing efforts.

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Better communication, better planning

No room for conflicts

Effective communication with members and staff can avoid conflicts. Wellyx’s gym management software allows you to personalize communication. To maintain class strength, you can automate sending class reminders to class participants. You can also enhance collaboration with staff and easily deal with unexpected situations while keeping morale high.

Cater leads to convert

Lead segmentation

Categorize your leads while knowing their preferences and demographics. It makes lead nurturing easier and allows you to focus on potential customers. Talk about their interests to increase the likelihood of conversion.

Automate follow-ups

Increase the likelihood of conversions by sending timely follow-ups. Wellyx’s group fitness class software allows you to craft messages and schedule them on a specific time. Keep the interest alive and build leads’ trust.

Customize offers

Wellyx’s gym management software allows you to offer customized packages and payment plans for your leads. Make your gym services affordable and accessible for your members. Improve the cash flow of the gym and win customer loyalty.

Conduct workshops and special classes

Earn extra with facility rental

Rent out the space of your fitness club to make some extra revenue streams. Our group fitness management software allows you to manage it effectively and maintains a record of each booking. Elevate your gym in downtime and win word-of-mouth publicity.

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Manage peak hours effectively

Manage customers’ flux

Enable your members to reserve their slot in a completely booked class. Wellyx’s group fitness training software automatically notifies the next member, maximizing the class strength. Connect members during peak hours and seize each opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to a report, the fitness software market is worth US$369 million and is expected to grow to US$656.6 million by 2031, with a CAGR of 8.5%.

There are three types of fitness apps:

  1. Nutritional app
  2. Activity tracking app
  3. Workout app

Group training maximizes the gym’s revenue while using limited resources. Gym owners can serve many customers at a time while maintaining a high motivation level.

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