Manage routine tasks with gym CRM software

Gobble Up the Market Share, Using the
Gym CRM Software

Enhance operational management for growth of your business

Simplify task appointments and enhance collaboration with your staff members. Improve operational efficiency and achieve your business goals to stand out from your competitors.

Automate communications to provide timely responses to your leads. Implement innovative techniques to increase the likelihood of conversions. Offer personalized services and send customized bulk emails using members’ data.

Create business strategy, leveraging gym CRM software

Identify members’ pain points to address their needs

Our gym CRM software enables you to craft targeted marketing strategies. Target members by knowing their interests, demographics, and gender. Offer personalized services to improve member retention. Keeping all operations managed smoothly to be the best.

CRM integration system
Integration is overwhelming; do it now!

Expand with precision and efficiency

Become worry-free about the gym’s operational activities. Do not wait any longer; it is the best time for integration. Categorize your members’ data and continue business expansion with work efficiency.

Developed to meet gym’s needs

User-friendly Interface

Easy to manage and operate because of its user-friendly interface. Enables your members to easily reserve classes.


Offers long-term benefits and serves your business in various ways. Saving your cost while minimizing errors.

Diverse payment methods

Increase members’ interest in buying memberships. Offer flexibility in payment methods. Meet members’ preferences based on their financial situations.

Unique names attract members

Add creativity and avoid errors

Give unique names to your classes and add their little description. Say goodbye to errors such as overlapping of classes and double booking. It provides real-time updates and keeps everyone informed about the gym’s activities.

gym booking software
Gym pos system
Process transactions using a secured POS system

Build trust with secured payment methods.

Secured payment methods enhance members’ trust because they reduce the chances of the card information being breached. They also ensure that all transactions are processed efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

A gym CRM is a program that helps gym studio owners manage interactions with gym members. It allows them to improve members’ experience and manage marketing campaigns. The software stores data and grows its storage capacity as per your requirements.

Most gyms use gym CRM software to manage their routine operations. It enables them to manage memberships and marketing campaigns. They can also process payments and track their members’ behavior.

Wellyx’s gym CRM software is one of the best-performing gym CRM software in the market. It contains all the necessary features that a gym owner requires to manage their routine operations. It features an access control system, point of sale (POS) system, scheduling feature, marketing feature, and digital forms.

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