Gymnastics software

Make yourself free from the routine worries of managing gymnastics studio operations. Use advanced technology to smoothly process all essential tasks and increase growth in the fitness industry. Wellyx’s gymnastics software offers various features that automate recurring responsibilities and save time and effort. In addition, the software reduces your operational costs and plays a vital role in maximizing profits.

Membership management

Gymnastics management software organizes your customer’s data in several ways that help you manage the studio’s operations. It categorizes your customers’ data according to their gender, date of enrollment, and membership type. In this way, you get specific details of individual members. This information facilitates the offering of personalized services. Furthermore, you can track individual members’ billing history and outstanding balances. In addition, data synchronization allows you to craft effective marketing strategies to boost your sales.

Lead management

Follow a systematic approach to lead management and lead nurturing. Wellyx’s gymnastics studio software automates the process of lead generation. It allows you to collect leads through various channels and methods. In addition, the software facilitates the efficient gathering of pertinent information. However, customers also do not hesitate to provide their information with trust. For example, contact information, demographics, and the class package they want to buy. In this way, you foster the trust of your customers and increase the likelihood of conversion. Furthermore, you can easily analyze the potential of your leads and set up automated follow-up messages.

Access control system

Implement robust security measures in your gymnastics studio using Wellyx’s Gymnastics management software. The software features an access control system that allows you to manage the access level of your staff members and customers.  This way, you ensure the authorized person is within the restricted zones. Similarly, you share access to specific features within the mobile application of the software to enhance management.

In addition, using the access control system feature, you can enable your customers to check in and out using Bluetooth and NFC technology. Furthermore, they can mark their attendance from their mobile devices because of the gymnastics management software. In this way, the software enhances work efficiency and reduces the workload of administrative tasks.

Class scheduling

Wellyx’s gymnastics class software makes class scheduling as easy as dragging and dropping. It allows you to manage class schedules while minimizing the chances of errors. In addition, the software facilitates the integration of your schedule with Google Calendar. The changes you make on the website are also displayed on the Google Calendar. Similarly, the changes on the Google Calendar appear on the website and mobile application using the custom widget. This function also creates convenience for customers because they can easily view their calendars and reserve their slots accordingly. 

Wellyx is a one-stop solution for your gymnastics studio

You do not need to move to various service providers to fulfill a specific need for your gymnastics studio. Wellyx’s gymnastics class software offers complete features that satisfy your fitness studio’s essential requirements. It saves your operational costs and efficiently manages each requirement of your business.

Point-of-sale (POS) system

The gymnastics class software features a point of sale (POS) system that facilitates payment processing and maintains the record. Furthermore, this feature enables you to manage inventory and save your studio from product shortages and overstocking. Using the POS system, you can analyze the demand for products and offer customers according to their expectations.

In addition, the POS system allows you to accept gift cards and creates convenience for your customers. Wellyx’s gymnastics management software automatically generates gift card codes and accurately tracks their usability. 

Mobile application

Access to all features of the software in the mobile application. You can set schedules, manage access levels, manage memberships, and create customized packages using the mobile application. Furthermore, the mobile application enhances communication with your customers and staff members. It is because Wellyx’s gymnastics management software allows you to send push notifications, class alerts, and messages. In this way, you keep everyone in the loop and reduce the chances of no-shows. Most importantly, it lets your customers reserve their slots using the mobile application anytime and anywhere. 


Managing targeted marketing campaigns becomes easier with gymnastics studio software. It is because the software categorically organizes members’ data and allows you to target a specific group of people. In addition, you can send bulk emails and automated messages to a number of people. These techniques impact your targeting campaigns because the audience finds products according to their needs. Furthermore, you can also monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns using the reporting feature in the software.

Gift Cards

Gift cards create convenience for your gym members. At the same time, it is a great challenge to manage gift cards manually. However, the software automates this process and minimizes the chances of errors and mistakes. It accurately tracks the usability of gift cards and saves from fraud and misuse.

Get 24/7 online support

Disturbances become irritating for you and your customers. Therefore, Wellyx’s gymnastics software offers 24/7 online support. The team of professionals instantly provides assistance to resolve your problem and ensure your fitness business runs smoothly.

Waitlist management

Enable your customers to reserve their slots when a class is completely booked. The gymnastics management software automatically sends them a notification when a slot gets free. This feature saves your customers from the frustration of waiting and enhances customer service.

Video on demand

The gymnastics class software features scalability, increasing its storage capacity according to your requirements. This way, you can store as many videos as possible to help your customers. The software does not lose its performance because of loads of data. However, this feature also allows your customers to set a filter to get specified videos. In addition, they can set playlists to enjoy their workout in a rhythm. 

Facility rental

Grow your business while taking advantage of the facility rental feature in the software. Using it you can rent out those spaces which are not in use. The software helps manage bookings and minimizes errors such as double bookings and overlapping sessions.

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