Make members choose you over others

Get competitive advantage

Initiate member reward programs

Wellyx’s HIIT & bootcamp studio software allows you to offer rewards to your members. Enable your members to track their reward points and create transparency within your studio. Increase member retention and encourage loyalty by offering rewards on referrals. Customize a rewarding strategy that aligns with the policy of your fitness business. Persuade existing members to choose high-tier memberships.

Get the right data to set pricing

Appeal to the right audience

The software stores information about the members’ demographics, gender, and date of joining. Use members’ data to make your marketing campaigns more effective. Approach your ideal audience to achieve maximum return on your marketing efforts.

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Maximize conversion with lead nurturing

Convert leads into potential members

Send your leads timely updates to keep their interest alive. Using the HIIT studio software, you can automate sending follow-up messages and craft personalized messages to gain members’ attention.

Build the best pricing models

Combine different services

Facilitate your members by creating a package of different services. Our HIIT studio software allows you to select products and services to create a bundle. Determine the profitable price for the bundled package.

Charge for one-time visits

Many members are not regular, but they often visit the gym. Create an offer for them to pay for each visit. This pricing strategy attracts occasional gym goers and allows you to retain that member who is not comfortable with paying a monthly fee.

Create group models

Increase gym profitability by offering special packages to families or groups. This strategy helps you to build a fitness community. At the same time, their management becomes more simple for your staff members.

Easy booking process increases sales

Online booking is a complete comfort

Enable your members to explore schedules and reserve classes from anywhere and anytime. By making booking 24/7 accessible, you can save time and create complete convenience for them. This feature contributes a lot to increasing sales.

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Process transactions using a secured POS system

Secured payment processing

Our software safely secures sensitive data with encryption and a two-factor authentication method. It accurately verifies details to prevent fraudulent activities. We demonstrate transparency and build members’ trust to achieve a more sustainable position in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wellyx’s HIIT studio software is compatible with both iOS, and Android. This functionality makes it workable across various mobile devices.

Yes. Wellyx’s HIIT software offers staff app for staff management. You can manage schedules and assign duties using the staff app. At the same time, staff app enhances communication among staff members.

Yes. There is a reporting feature available in Wellyx’s HIIT studio software. Using this feature, you can track the attendance of members and staff. The software also enables you to analyze members’ behavior to identify sales trends. Moreover, you can also get a detailed revenue report.

Yes. Wellyx’s HIIT software offers marketing features. It allows you to easily manage targeted marketing campaigns and send bulk emails. You can also send personalized messages to gain members’ attention.

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