Schedule classes with martial arts gym software

Easy scheduling process with martial arts
gym software

Maintains member database

Our software securely manages your member’s database. With just a single click, you can easily access the complete details of each member. It enables you to track member behavior, personalize communications, and run targeted marketing campaigns using their data. Create segments according to age, gender, and joining date to filter out information about particular members.

Effortless inventory management

Organize your inventory

The software automatically updates inventory after a member purchases a product, enabling you to ensure stock availability. Using a barcode scanner, you can make pricing strategies by understanding products’ life cycles. This can also boost the profitability of your martial arts studio in many ways.

Martial arts inventory management software
Diverse payment methods

Cater member’s payment preferences

Offer diverse payment methods to accept payments. The martial arts gym software allows you to accept payments through Stripe, PayTabs, and GoCardless. Members can also pay through their credit or debit cards. Our software creates convenience for your members that leads to faster transactions.

Attract members, win their loyalty

Hook members with promo codes

Engage your members and increase brand awareness with promo codes. The martial arts gym software allows you to generate promo codes and track their effectiveness. Attract members with this creative technique and make them regular at your gym.

Offer loyalty programs

Reward your loyal members to encourage them and build stronger relationships with them. Using the martial arts gym software, you can easily calculate the loyalty points of an individual member. Create transparency within your organization to increase retention rate.

Manage gift cards

Facilitate your members by allowing them to pay through gift cards. You can customize gift cards to enhance member’s familiarity with your business. The martial arts gym software makes it easier to store value and track usage. At the same time, the software prevents fraud and gift card misusages.

Easy payment processing with POS system

POS: Making sales easy

Our software’s point of sale (POS) system makes payment processing efficient and immediately calculates the total due amount. It allows you to accept gift cards and promo codes. Make complex tasks as easy as clicking an option. Identify sales trends and meet member’s expectations while seeing business insights.

Gym pos system
Martial arts gym access control
Empower security, limit access

Better security with access control

Enhance your studio’s security with the access control system. You can monitor the number of people logged in and out of the gym. Manage access levels of your staff members and grant permissions to only responsible professionals. Create a secure environment with our access control system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can manage your martial arts routine operations using Wellyx’s martial arts gym software. It has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to use and eliminating the chances of errors.

Wellyx’s martial arts gym software is one of the best softwares in the market. It is because it contains a complete set of tools to manage a martial studio. It is easy to use and offers a 24/7 chat support.

Martial arts gym software is specially designed with the tools required to manage a martial arts studio. It allows gym owners to manage memberships, schedules, and leads, as well as craft targeted marketing campaigns. It is very useful in increasing sales, member retention, and enhancing the gym’s security.

The martial arts software allows you to send bulk emails, push notifications, and initiate referral programs to market your martial arts gym. Furthermore, you can also conduct workshops and seminars to make people aware of your gym’s specialties.

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