Gym management software with memberships for franchises

To run an excellent gym franchise, you need things super organized. Wellyx’s gym management software is like a superhero. It makes everything neat and works super well for your franchise. It’s a game-changer! 

Win the loyalty of members

Our special gym management software makes handling memberships super easy. You can customize everything—classes, bookings, and products. This means each member gets a unique experience tailored just for them. Plus, it takes care of boring management stuff, so you can focus on what matters.

With our gym software, you can make special packages for your members’ goals. There are even packages for specific groups like students or seniors. It’s like having a magic wand for memberships!

And guess what? The gym management software also deals with money, so you can spend more time making friends with your members. You can send them excellent newsletters, give discounts, and keep track of their progress. The software is a superhero tool for making your gym awesome and keeping members happy!

Versatility in member benefits

Make members super happy! Our gym management software offers unique classes, cheaper services, guest passes, and rewards for bringing in friends. It makes members feel fabulous and ready to crush their fitness goals.


Members like reminders, right? Our gym management software sends automatic messages when their memberships are about to end. This makes renewing memberships super easy and stress-free.

Imagine a superhero tool for managing your gym—it’s our gym management software! It’s made for both gym owners and members. It makes everything smooth, saves time, and makes your gym successful. Want to see it in action? Ask for a demo and see the magic happen!

Gym management software with memberships for franchise

Wellyx’s excellent gym management software guarantees success by changing how you handle memberships and packages. It’s super flexible and brings loads of benefits for your gym to grow big!

Custom memberships: Create the perfect fit for your members with our gym management software’s custom memberships. It’s more than just the basics—it’s a personalized experience. Tailor memberships for classes, bookings, and products simplify everything for your gym. It’s like having a membership that suits every member’s unique needs and preferences.

Special packages: Make your gym stand out with our special packages! Design unique deals with training sessions and more. Our gym management software handles payments, so you can spend time making excellent connections with your members. It’s like crafting special packages that bring joy to your members and make your gym a fantastic place to be. 

Linked accounts: Say goodbye to headaches with our related accounts feature! It’s simple—connect accounts for easy payments. This makes things smooth for both you and your members. There is no fuss, just a hassle-free way to manage payments and keep everyone happy in your gym. It’s like having a magic wand for stress-free transactions!

Member control: Let your members rule! With our self-service magic, they can update info and book classes. It’s easy for them, less work for you. Imagine a magic button just for them—it’s like having a gym experience that’s as easy as a wave of a wand.

Flexible payments: Take charge of payments! You’re the boss. Decide if it’s monthly or upfront. It’s all about choices for your members. Please give them the power to pick what suits them best. It’s like having a menu of payment options where everyone gets exactly what they crave.

Time control: Make time work for you! Customize memberships with time-based access. It’s like having a special VIP pass for each member. Set specific hours for different membership levels. It’s all about making the gym experience unique for everyone, like having a personalized key to unlock the fitness fun!

Happy members: Make your members super delighted! Give them unique stuff like exclusive classes, discounts, and guest passes. It’s like throwing a big party just for them. They’ll feel like VIPs and be super excited to reach their fitness goals. It’s like giving them a golden ticket to a world of fitness fun!

Easy management: Say goodbye to messy records! Our system keeps everything neat—member data, payments, attendance. It’s like having a superhero assistant that organizes everything just for you. Easy and personal, it’s the key to stress-free gym management, making sure you have what you need at your fingertips.

Renewal reminders: No more forgetting! Our system sends automatic reminders so members always know when to renew. It’s like having a friendly alarm clock for their memberships. No stress, just a helpful nudge to keep everything on track. It’s the secret to happy and hassle-free membership renewals! 

Membership insights: Dive deep into member data with our software. Get valuable insights into preferences, attendance patterns, and more. It’s like having a crystal ball that helps you understand your members better to create an even more fantastic gym experience.

Attendance tracking: Keep tabs on who’s rocking their workouts! Our software tracks attendance effortlessly. It’s like having a virtual high-five for members who show up regularly. Plus, it helps you identify trends and plan classes that everyone loves.

Reward programs: Turn your gym into a treasure trove! Design reward programs using our software. Members earn points for attending, referring friends, and more. It’s like a game where everyone wins fabulous prizes. Boost motivation, create friendly competition, and watch your gym community thrive.

Staff management: Your team is crucial! Use our software to manage staff schedules, track performance, and streamline communication. It’s like having a backstage pass to ensure your team is in sync. With organized staff management, your gym runs like a well-choreographed fitness dance.

Equipment maintenance: Keep your gym in top-notch shape! Our gym management software helps you schedule and track equipment maintenance. It’s like having a personal caretaker for every treadmill and weight bench. Ensure a smooth workout experience for your members, avoid malfunctions, and prolong the life of your gym equipment. With Wellyx, your gym is always ready for action!

Gym management software with memberships for franchises

Enhanced membership control and management

Our gym management software lets you manage your memberships from a single dashboard. You can customize your memberships and packages to fit your needs, with options ranging from classes and bookings to products. This flexibility ensures that your offerings resonate with every member and that you have the control to manage your memberships effectively. You can also track member activity and see how they use your services, which can help you improve your offerings and keep members engaged.

In addition, you can delight your members by offering tailored packages that meet their individual needs. Our gym management software allows you to create packages that include training sessions, class passes, and more. Payments are easily managed, allowing you to focus on building lasting relationships with your members. Personalized packages promote loyalty and satisfaction. Personalized packages show your members that you care about their needs and goals. This can help to build loyalty and satisfaction, resulting in higher member retention and more referrals.

Features that matter

Our linked accounts feature also provides a unique advantage for franchises. It consolidates payments, easing administrative burdens for both you and your members. The result? A smooth experience that keeps members motivated and franchise management easy. This also helps you to simplify your workload while enhancing member satisfaction. Our self-service functionality lets members manage their profiles, update information, and book classes. This saves time and fosters a sense of ownership among members.

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