Complete solution for booking appointments

Improve member’s experience with online booking software
for franchises

Perfect assistant for multiple location franchises

A perfect assistant that manages all the operations of your gym. Streamline online booking scheduling, manage leads, track staff performance, market your business and collect member’s feedback. 

With the online appointment booking system by gym management software, you’re not just streamlining booking and scheduling for franchises but taking steps toward your business success. The software assists you in meeting your member’s requirements and making data-driven decisions for continuous growth. 

Reduce no-shows with the best online booking software for franchises.

Send reminders, gain member’s trust

The franchise online booking system by GymManagement-Software lets you send reminder alerts about the class schedule and helps you reduce no-shows. It enables you to keep your members informed and committed, gaining member’s trust. 

Get real-time stock updates with cycling studio software
Cycling studio software supports the growth of your studio
Support business growth with centralized booking system

Manage multiple locations with centralized system

Streamline the online bookings for different franchises with the centralized system. The online booking software allows you to create a central database for appointment scheduling, minimizing downtime for online booking for multiple franchises and enhancing your members’ fitness experience.  

Custom solutions for multiple franchises

Membership management

Streamline your membership with the franchise's online booking software. Take regular subscription payments and send reminders about the payment dues. Update your member’s membership plan and simplify the gym management process.

Loyalty program

Reward your members for their exceptional performance with franchise online booking software. With the built-in features, motivate your members for improved results. Inspire newcomers to put in extra effort during the workout sessions.

Boost revenue streams

Increase your gym's revenue by booking appointments for both online and in-person classes with the best online booking software for franchises. Offer flexible hours to avoid conflicts with regular sessions.

Setup threshold for inventory with online appointment booking system

Manage inventory, balance threshold level

The online booking system by gym management software for multi-location franchises allows you to maintain stock levels and provide a real-time inventory update. The software solution automatically updates inventory and sends a reminder in case of a product shortage. 

Get real-time information using the Cycling Studio software
Manage staff members with the cycling studio software
Promote your business with franchise online marketing software

Reach target audience with few clicks

The franchise online marketing software also enables you to attract new members with a suite of marketing tools, giving your business a competitive advantage over the others.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a fitness business owner, you have to make sure that the software solution you are going to choose for your gym has the essential features that not only assist you in streamlining online bookings but also aid you in streamlining other studio aspects. Here are some of the features that you should look for in the online booking software for franchises: 

  • Online appointment scheduling 
  • Secure online payments 
  • Integrated CRM 
  • Mobile app for members 
  • Marketing tools 
  • Access control

Yes, the online booking system offered by the gym management software is cost-effective, considering the time and resources you save. This software solution not only helps you with appointment scheduling but also enables you to make data-driven decisions for better financial growth of your business. Improved customer satisfaction and reduced administrative tasks often result in a positive return on investment. 

The software solution enables you to provide a remarkable fitness experience for your members by giving them a convenient and user-friendly booking process. Your members can easily book appointments by finding the available time slot. 

Moreover, you can also send reminders to your members to reduce the chance of no-shows, enabling you to foster a sense of belonging and help you gain your members’ trust. Additionally, features like an advanced POS system and loyalty program assist you in providing a remarkable fitness experience for your members.

Yes, the software solution enables you to streamline booking for multiple locations with a centralized client database. Whenever a member makes a booking for an online session, the software shows details like name, contact, branch information, and course enrolled. You can easily book an appointment according to the slot available in that branch without any confusion. 

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