Pilates scheduling software

Set schedules with perfection to be convenient for your staff members and customers. Wellyx’s pilates scheduling software allows you to display schedules on your official business website. You can also provide complete details of instructors, class type, date, and time. In addition, if you want to add some additional information, the software enables you to feature it on the official website of your studio’s business using the custom widget.

Rescheduling is as easy as drag and drop

Rescheduling classes becomes necessary due to some unexpected events, but it is not a matter of worry for you. It is because the Pilates class scheduling software makes rescheduling as easy as using the drag-and-drop function in a system. You can assign a new slot to a class just by dragging and dropping. This way, you can quickly adjust and instantly update the schedule.

Notify members on cancellations

The Pilates scheduling software enables you to demonstrate professional and responsible behavior while managing schedules. It is because the software automatically notifies class participants upon cancellation of classes. In this way, you enhance customer satisfaction and save your customers from disturbance.

Manage offering of multi-resource services

Managing schedules requires the maximum utilization of your resources, but it increases the risks of errors such as double booking. However, using the Pilates scheduling software, you can easily offer multiple resources in a class. It allows you to manage the coordination of resources effectively and minimizes conflicts.

Lock resources and provide a premium experience

Reserve exclusive resources to provide a premium experience to your customers. Wellyx’s Pilates scheduling software enables you to lock resources for specific services. In this way, you ensure the availability of resources at the time of need.

Gym management software with custom mobile app for pilate studio

Manage scheduling operations with the Pilates scheduling app

Being a Pilates studio owner or manager, you do not need to open your laptop to manage schedules. You can easily perform the same functions schedules using the Pilates scheduling app. The mobile application enables you to automate the scheduling of recurring classes and events.  Furthermore, you can set class reminders about upcoming courses and enhance customer communication. 

Enhance display and use color coding

Enhance the visibility of your schedules using bright colors. However, the software allows you to use color coding, making it easier to get your required color. Moreover, you can align the schedule color with the theme color of your brand.

Apply restrictions to optimize resource management

Implement restrictions on certain services and days to ensure the availability of resourses. In addition, restrictions on specific events enable you to optimize staff scheduling and fulfill the service demand on particular days.

Synchronize your data with Google Calendar

Google Calendar serves as a primary calendar for most people in the US. Therefore, Pilates scheduling software lets you synchronize your scheduling data with Google Calendar. So, the changes you make in the Google Calendar also appear on the website schedule using the custom widget. You can easily manage these operations using the mobile application.

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Managing recurring classes

Manual management of recurring classes comes with multiple challenges, such as ensuring the instructor’s availability and coordinating with holidays. However, the Pilates scheduling software prevents these errors and effectively manages the schedule. You do not need to check again and again after setting it once.

Enable your clients to schedule multiple sessions

Customize packages and enable your customers to reserve their slots in multiple sessions. They can book different types of classes in a single booking. The software ensures proper coordination and appropriate class schedules. 

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