PT Studio Software

Wellyx’s PT studio software offers features that enhance your fitness business’s efficiency. It is a complete suite of tools to manage a PT studio, specially designed to manage routine operations. Using the software, you can create dynamic membership packages and market those to your targeted audience.

Customize membership and packages

See your audience’s response to specific services. The personal trainer software allows you to customize membership and package plans that attract your audience. In addition, the software organizes your customers’ databases. Managing data becomes more accessible. Administrators can access the information of an individual member with just a few clicks.

  • Set recurring payments to maintain the flow of the business cycle.
  • Customize billing cycles to facilitate customers.
  • Apply purchase restrictions to enhance security.
  • Receive notification of failed payments.

Easy scheduling without errors

Wellyx’s personal training software eliminates the chances of errors in scheduling classes. It saves your studio from double booking and scheduling conflicts. Moreover, the software enables authorized staff members to reschedule bookings using drag-and-drop functions. In addition, it allows your staff members and instructors to cancel classes and notify customers. Create multi-resource services and efficiently organize multiple resources for a particular service.

  • Apply restrictions on specific days and services to optimize quality.
  • You can set repetitive sessions on a recurring pattern.
  • Apply designated time for staff members and utilization of assets.
  • Enable your clients to book specific segments of their workout experience.

Performing routine functions with a mobile app

Online personal training software features a mobile application. It enables your customers to reserve their slots from their mobile application. They can overview the complete schedule and find details of their trainers. In addition, the mobile application empowers you to manage routine operations and enhance the security of your studio.

  • Manage access to your members of specific areas from the mobile application.
  • Enable your staff members and customers to check in from the mobile app.
  • Track attendance records of customers and staff members from the mobile app.
  • The mobile application safely processes transactions.

Waitlist management

The best personal training software simplifies management and builds a strong reputation in the market. Effective management of waitlists is one of the best demonstrations of customer service. Using this feature, you enable your customers to reserve their slot when a class is fully booked. When a slot is free, the system automatically sends a notification to the next customer.

  • Customize the criteria that the system follows to manage waitlists.
  • The software automatically alerts the next client when the first one cancels.
  • You can apply restrictions on waitlists.
  • Enable your clients to track their position on the waitlist.
Gym management software with memberships for franchise

Gain more financial stability with PT studio software.

The online personal trainer software securely manages all transactions and helps bring more stability to your business. However, the software offers standard payment methods and creates convenience for members. Wellyx’s personal trainer computer software offers Stripe, PayTab, and GoCardless. Furthermore, it allows you to accept all kinds of debit and credit cards. Most importantly, the software uses double encryption to ensure secure transactions.

Convenience for members in paying

Creating convenience in payment processes for your members contributes significantly to financial stability. The best online personal training software enables your clients to make online payments. Offering such flexibility to customers ensures a predictable cash flow that contributes a lot to financial stability. In addition, automatic payment processing eliminates the risk of missed payments.

Track activities of customers on the widget

Track your customer’s behavior on the widget. The software provides valuable insights such as engagement patterns and customer preferences. This information helps you to craft compelling business strategies. In addition, using the personal training software app, you can handle renewals and customize subscription plans. Furthermore, the system enables your customers to subscribe to recurring plans. These functions of the software contribute to the financial stability of your business.

Enable customers to explore services.

Offering a range of services attracts your customers. These compel them to buy something for themselves. However, presentation becomes a challenge for PT studio owners. Therefore, the personal trainer management software enables you to offer various services so your customers can explore and get their desired package.

Inventory management

Inventory management is an essential component to make your business successful. It prevents your business from overstocking and stockouts. Moreover, inventory management enhances your business’s cash flow. The personal trainer scheduling software automatically updates inventory when a customer buys a product. In this way, you fulfill your customers’ demands.

Automated invoicing

Automated invoicing maintains the record that saves your fitness business from legal liabilities. In addition, the personal training software for personal trainers generates invoices and sends them to customers. Moreover, the software eliminates the risks of billing errors and enhances financial stability.

Targeted marketing

Wellyx’s PT studio software organizes data in order. You can access your members’ information anytime according to their demographics, age, and gender. Moreover, the software accurately calculates reward points. Promote custom workout plans and packages using the targeted marketing features. The software allows you to customize emails, push notifications, and messages. Attract your customers by delivering the right message.

Gym management software with memberships for franchises

Online bookings

Offering the facility of online booking is a gift to your customers. It saves your customers from the long queues and frustrations of waiting. They can easily reserve services from the comfort of their homes and conveniently pay from their mobile phones. Wellyx’s PT studio software lets your customers reserve their slots from the widget.

  • You can customize a widget that reflects your brand image.
  • Enable your customers to book services for their friends and family.
  • Offer custom pricing for specific packages.
  • Facilitate your customers with partial payments through a split payment option.

Lead management

Regularly communicate with your potential leads and increase the chances of conversion. The PT studio software automates the lead-capturing process and stores the essential information. You can set up follow-up emails and messages to nurture leads.

  • You can manage lead journeys by seeing your customers’ responses.
  • The software provides lead conversion reports.
  • Get detailed information about your customers through digital forms.
  • Ensure a more personalized approach in converting leads into clients.

Use promotional codes to attract customers.

Promotional codes attract customers and build a strong reputation for your company in the market. In addition, it is an excellent strategy to make your business profitable. Wellyx’s PT studio software automatically generates promotional codes. You can market to create a buzz among customers.

  • Create a customized starting and expiry date for a promotional code.
  • Set a usage limit of discount codes using the software.
  • Offer buy one and get one (BOGO) option to your customers.
  • You can apply restrictions on specific items.

Attendance tracking

Track the attendance record of your staff members and customers. An accurate record helps with the evaluation of your staff. Moreover, it lets you identify your fitness studio’s most dedicated and punctual staff member. Similarly, you can track the attendance records of your customers.

  • The software enables your trainers to view the strength of their sessions instantly.
  • Check-in procedures simplify attendance processes for clients and staff members.
  • Eliminates the need for manual record keeping.
  • Identify customer identity patterns and customize schedules accordingly.

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