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Competition with bigger gym chains is one of the biggest challenges in the market for smaller gyms. Only effective management enables smaller gym owners to flourish. Wellyx’s small gym software simplifies their routine tasks and allows them to expand their customer base. 

Membership management

Manual management of clients’ data is equally painstaking for smaller gyms than for bigger gym chains. However, the small gym software resolves this problem and saves time and effort for gym owners. The software stores the complete information, such as enrollment date, gender, and class details. It enables studio owners to offer personalized services to their customers. In addition, they can run targeted marketing campaigns and design their emails using their own unique branding theme. 

Lead management

Each lead allows small gym owners to maximize their market share. Wellyx’s small gym software enables them to manage their leads properly to achieve this target. The software allows you to manage all the essential data related to leads in an organized way. Owners can respond to their customers in a timely manner and enhance the lead nurturing process. In addition, small gym owners can automate follow-up messages to streamline communication. Furthermore, it allows them to use different strategies to increase conversion rates and grab leads from various channels. 

Inventory tracking

A complete inventory record of inventory improves cash flow and enables small gym owners to increase their sales. However, managing inventory along with other gym tasks becomes hectic for them. Therefore, Wellyx’s small gym software features inventory tracking that automatically updates inventory after a sale. In this way, the software tracks the record of each product and enables them to manage their resources effectively.

  • Use the drag-and-drop function for rescheduling.
  • Display the instructor’s information.
  • Differentiate classes with categories.
  • Adjust font size to provide a clear view.

Mobile accessibility

Offering mobile accessibility helps smaller gym owners get a competitive advantage in the market. Using a branded mobile app, owners can differentiate their gym from bigger gyms and attract new customers. In addition, Wellyx’s small gym software allows small gym owners to enable their customers to reserve classes using the mobile application. Furthermore, the mobile allows their customers to process payments, and it tracks the record of each transaction.

  • Ensure optimal class quality and adequately pay attention to customers.
  • Ensure fair distribution of available slots.
  • Allow members to add themselves to the waiting list.
  • Make adjustments according to resource availability.
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Enhance customer service and build a stronger market reputation

Wellyx’s small gym software enables smaller gym owners to compete with bigger chains with better customer service. Small gym studio owners can immediately respond to their customers using the software. In addition, the software offers easy navigation that helps customers easily find services. Such convenience enhances customer satisfaction and helps smaller gym owners win word-of-mouth publicity.

Online booking

The availability of online booking facilities creates a huge difference for customers. It lets the studio’s customers reserve slots from the website or mobile application. In this way, smaller gym studios can grab the attention of their customers at their first glimpse. This feature allows smaller studio owners to surpass competitors by offering flexible schedules and diverse payment methods.

Waitlist management

The waitlist management feature is vital in saving smaller gym owners from customers’ frustrations. It allows them to maximize the utilization of their resources and serve the maximum number of customers. With this feature, small gym owners can allow their customers to reserve slots when a class is fully booked. When a spot gets free, the software automatically notifies them. In this way, smaller gyms do not let their customers get back without availing services.

Diverse payment methods

Diversity in payment methods enables smaller gym owners to serve a wide range of customers. Wellyx’s small gym software enables the studio’s customers to pay through PayTab, GoCardless, and Stripe. In addition, the software allows smaller gym owners to accept payments through all kinds of debit and credit cards. Offering such conveniences enhances customer service and enables them to give tough competition to their competitors. 

Personalization of services

The software enables small studio owners to offer personalized services to their customers. However, it is one of the best techniques to achieve customer loyalty and build a stronger customer connection. These techniques enhance customer satisfaction and enable small studio owners to mark their studio’s place in the marketplace of tough competition.

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Gift cards

Gym software for smaller gyms enables studio customers to pay through gift cards. However, it creates convenience for studio owners as well. These methods of processing payments enhance customer experience and help smaller gym owners build a stronger position in the market. This is because the software maintains the record of all transactions and tracks the usability of gift cards. In addition, the software saves studio owners from fraud and maintains transparency.

Promo codes

Other than creating an identity of small gym studios in the market, promo codes help them win customer loyalty. These techniques boost revenue but, at the same time, come up with multiple challenges. But gym software for smaller gyms resolves all these challenges and enables small studio owners to streamline the functioning of promo codes.

Video on demand

Small gym studio owners can fulfill the demands of their customers and present themselves differently in the market. The gym software for smaller gyms enables them to store unlimited videos for their customers. However, their customers can set a playlist and use filters to get specific types of workout videos. The features allow smaller gym owners to succeed and easily compete with bigger chains by even targeting the audience set that is not able to attend physical classes in the gym.

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