Advanced methods to manage members

Organize to grow with
strength coach software

Win members’ loyalty

Offer rewards to your members on specific achievements to win their loyalty. Our strength and conditioning coach software enables you to track the reward points of an individual member. It creates transparency and ensures the profitability of your gym studio. The creation and offering of personalized packages enhance customer satisfaction, leading to increased loyalty.

Increase sales with promo codes

Encourage repeat purchases

Improve the cashflow of your fitness studio by offering promo codes. Generate promo codes using Wellyx’s strength coach software and track their usability. Set a limit of promo codes and expiry dates. The software prevents frauds and misuses.

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Meet market trends with improved inventory management

Track stock availability

Get real-time stock updates to save from overstocking and stock shortages. Using Wellyx’s strength coach software, you can identify sales patterns, meet members’ expectations by facilitating them with seasonal promotions.

More conversions with mobile-friendliness

Responsive design

The responsive mobile application of our strength coach software allows you to manage the studio’s routine operations. Its layout and content easily adjust according to your screen size. Members enjoy the fast loading speed and quickly schedule their classes.

Easy navigation

Enable studio members to easily navigate and reserve their favorite classes. Members can explore more services, leading to higher conversion rates. Offering the facility of reserving classes from a mobile application increases member retention and improves member experience.

Build brand perception

Positive perception of members brings a good reputation to your fitness software. Offering members advanced booking methods such as class scheduling and attendance tracking with the mobile application. Wellyx’s strength coach software develops members’ trust and allows you to win word-of-mouth publicity.

Secure gym with access control

Restrict access level

Only authorized personnel can enter your gym’s premises. You can track the attendance record of staff and gym members. The access control system makes entry and exit easier. Approve access to specific areas for authorized individuals to ensure security.

Gym management software with access control for franchises
gym class management software
Develop the interest of your leads

Understand your leads

Build a stronger interaction with your leads by automating sending personalized messages. It develops their interest and encourages them to buy a membership plan. Use our software to collect leads’ information and effectively manage them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaches should use Wellyx’s strength coach software to manage their routine activities. It is one of the best software available in the market. It contains all the essential features, from membership management to class scheduling, that a coach requires to manage clientele.

On average, a strength conditioning coach makes $40,867 to $55,280 per year. A strength conditioning coach in an NFL league charges $5,00,000 to $6,00,000 per season.

It depends on the place from where the strength coach starts offering services. At the start, they often charge from $80 to $100 per hour. Mostly, 2 to three persons join for group exercise, and this can make $200 per hour.

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