Gym check in system

Do inaccuracies in attendance records create annoyance for you? Then, integrate the gym check in system by Wellyx. The software offers a comprehensive solution to address attendance-related challenges. It ensures a seamless and accurate tracking process.

Furthermore, the software frees you from worrying about many routine tasks, such as manual attendance record maintenance of staff members and employees. Most importantly, ensuring accessible provision of check-ins and outs enhances customer experience and member retention.

Member identification

The gym management software verifies the members’ identity using the check-in system. The software’s gym check-in feature allows them to use keycards or an RFID tag for their entries and exits. These are like their gym passports, which contain unique information.

Furthermore, it is like offering your customers a VIP pass to experience gym adventures and using their keycards or RFID tags to unlock a realm of health and happiness. In this way, you limit the access of unauthorized people and only allow the right people to come in.

Check-In terminal

The check-in terminal acts as a gateway for members to enjoy time in your studio.  

Imagine walking into the gym—it’s like entering a cool adventure zone! The first stop is the Check-In Terminal, and it’s like the gateway to all the fun. The Wellyx check-in system for gyms enables you to track attendance. 

Furthermore, the software enables your members to check in and out using their gym mobile application. It is easy to navigate and use. Staff and gym members just need to tap a button to check in. At the same time, the gym management software tracks the location to enhance transparency.

member identification

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Software integrations

The check-in system for gyms helps gym owners keep information organized and in order. The gym management software collects data according to members’ age, gender and the date of joining. Using the check-in and check-out details, you can craft marketing campaigns.

Such record maintenance helps in targeted marketing. However, gym management software by Wellyx offers built-in marketing tools. You can use them to send bulk emails. In addition, the software helps you with SMS marketing as well.

Furthermore, our software offers integrated standard and secured payment methods, such as PayPal, Stripe, and GoCardless. In addition, the software accepts all kinds of card payments. These integrations help you to perform routine operations smoothly.

Access control

You can implement a gym check-in system at your gym’s turnstiles or electronic gates. The one-check-in system applies to one door or one turnstile. However, gym owners can restrict access to specific areas of their gyms.

In this way, you maintain safety and order in some specific places. Gym owners or administrators can decide which areas of the gym a client or staff member can explore. At the same time, you can limit an individual’s access for some specific hours. So, even if someone uses the gym check-in app, the software works based on its set rules.

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Reporting and analytics

You can get the attendance record anytime from anywhere. The gym check-in system provides detailed analytics of your gym and staff members. The availability of such insights helps you make enchanting decisions, for example, launching discount programs and offering loyalty programs. However, the analytics evaluation helps uncover emerging trends and member preferences.

Furthermore, the attendance record helps in the salary calculation of your employees. However, it reduces the chances of errors. Most importantly, you create transparency and reward your employees rightfully. Such processes and important tasks improve the reputation of your gym.

Capacity monitoring

Monitor class capacity using the gym check-in system. The number of people enrolled in a specific class, you instantly get their information. In this way, you balance the availability of facilities and the number of participants.

Additionally, it allows gym managers to make data-driven decisions on peak hours and staff allocation. This function aligns with the ongoing commitment to member safety and operational efficiency.

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