Gym software with custom mobile app for boxing clubs

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How Wellyx custom mobile app facilitates you for your boxing club

One of the key features of Wellyx gym software is its robust profile management system. With this system, boxing clubs can effortlessly create and manage member profiles. Whether it’s tracking attendance, monitoring progress, or updating contact information, the software provides a centralized hub for all member data.

This ensures that your staff can access important information at their fingertips, making interactions more personalized and efficient.

Wellyx gym software offers a frictionless checkout experience for your members. This is particularly important for boxing clubs, enabling quick sign-ups for classes and memberships.

The Wellyx gym software’s custom mobile app allows members to browse through available classes, choose their preferred time slots, and make payments hassle-free. With secure payment processing, you can rest assured that your transactions are safe and convenient for your members.

Classes & services along with forms & waivers

For boxing clubs, scheduling and managing classes is vital. Wellyx gym software provides a comprehensive scheduling system that allows you to create and organize classes effortlessly.

You can set up recurring classes, allocate trainers, and even limit class sizes to maintain quality and safety. Members can access the class schedule through the custom mobile app and book their slots in advance, ensuring that classes are well-attended.

Boxing clubs often require members to fill out forms and waivers for liability and health purposes. Wellyx gym software simplifies this process by offering digital forms and waivers that members can complete through the custom mobile app. This reduces paperwork and ensures that all necessary documents are securely stored and easily accessible whenever needed.

Gym Software with Custom Mobile App for Boxing Club

Let’s discuss what type of pain points are present on the runway and how Wellyx gym software can solve them while keeping your boxing clubs on a smooth track.

Member management challenges: Traditional methods of managing member profiles, attendance, and contact information can be cumbersome and time-consuming for boxing clubs.

Complex checkout process: The manual and lengthy membership sign-up process can deter potential members, leading to missed revenue opportunities.

Class scheduling confusion: Boxing clubs may struggle to schedule and manage classes without an efficient system, leading to overbooked or underutilized sessions.

Paperwork overload: Managing paper forms and waivers can be overwhelming, prone to errors, and difficult to track and organize.

Cancellation and rescheduling hassles: Handling member requests for cancellations and rescheduling can be a logistical nightmare, potentially leading to dissatisfaction among members.

Inconsistent branding: Lack of branding options for software and apps can hinder a club’s ability to establish a strong, cohesive brand identity.

Missed opportunities: Without a waitlist feature, boxing clubs might miss out on maximizing class attendance when slots become available.

Efficient member management: Wellyx gym software provides a user-friendly interface for managing member profiles, attendance, and contact information. It centralizes member data, making it easily accessible to staff.

Streamlined checkout process: The Wellyx gym software’s custom mobile app offers a seamless membership sign-up process, reducing friction and making it convenient for potential members to join.

Efficient class scheduling: Wellyx’s gym software simplifies class management, allowing boxing clubs to set up, organize, and promote classes with ease. It ensures optimal class sizes and avoids scheduling conflicts.

Digital forms and waivers: Wellyx gym software digitizes forms and waivers, enabling members to complete them conveniently through the custom mobile app. This eliminates paperwork and improves document organization.

Cancellation and rescheduling handling: Members can request cancellations or reschedule classes through the gym software custom mobile app, reducing administrative burdens. The software automatically updates availability and notifies members of open slots.

Branding options: Wellyx gym software offers branding options, allowing boxing clubs to customize the mobile app with their logo and colors. This reinforces the club’s branding and enhances member engagement.

Waitlist feature: Wellyx’s gym software waitlist feature ensures that classes are optimally utilized. Members can join the waitlist through the mobile app when a class is full, ensuring that vacancies are quickly filled when they become available.

Gym Software with Custom Mobile App for Boxing Clubs

Get to know Wellyx scheduling process in detail

Cancellation & reschedule:

Life can be unpredictable when you see it from a member’s perspective, and sometimes members need to cancel or reschedule their appointments or classes. With wellyx gym software for boxing clubs, managing these changes is a breeze.

As we all know, customers/members are always right when it comes to loyalty. Hence, members can request cancellations or reschedule classes through the wellyx gym software’s custom mobile app, and the software automatically updates the availability and notifies other members of open slots, minimizing disruptions to your schedule.

Branded app & waitlist

The Wellyx gym software’s custom mobile app can be branded with your boxing club’s logo and colors. This branding adds a professional touch to your club’s image and fosters a sense of community among your members. It also constantly reminds you of your club, increasing member engagement and retention.

In busy boxing clubs, classes can fill up quickly. To cater to members who missed out on a class, Wellyx offers a waitlist feature. Members can join the waitlist through the mobile app if a class is full. As spots become available due to cancellations, the software automatically notifies members on the waitlist, ensuring that classes are maximally utilized.

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