Gym management software with custom mobile app for pilate studios

Do you often think about making exploration easier for people about the services of your Pilate studio? The Wellyx’s gym management software featuring custom mobile app creates convenience for everyone to interact with your fitness business. It allows users to find the packages available, check available schedules, and easily create profiles. However, features of mobile applications do not just enhance user experience but also streamline multiple routine operations.

Display the logo of your pilate studio

The mobile application of Wellyx’s gym management software represents the identity of your Pilate studio. It becomes a memorable experience for users, and they take a little longer to recall your Pilate studio at the time of need. At the same time, the chances of customer retention increase as well.

Your brand reputation strengthens in the market, which helps you to stand out from the competition. It is because users discuss the appealing logo that allows you to win word-of-mouth publicity. Along with this, the custom mobile app of Wellyx’s gym management software will enable you to customize logos as per your brand needs. Place it on the header or navigation bar to maintain its consistent visibility. So, the initial point of the mobile application reinforces your mobile recognition.

Wellyx’s custom mobile app optimizes the class scheduling process

The class scheduling process comes with various challenges. For example, ensuring instructors’ availability, optimal studio space, and accommodating member preferences. Moreover, you can easily overcome such challenges because the mobile application of Wellyx gym management software provides real-time updates. Enabling you to ensure efficient coordination of team members. Meanwhile, you can update the mobile application to inform members and instructors regarding last-hour changes. The changes will appear to everyone, and even the participants will receive an automatic notification regarding changes.

Furthermore, the intuitive interface and easy navigation of Wellyx’s gym management software mobile application help users to operate easily. Wellyx custom mobile app simplifies the communication process as well. Most importantly, when a website visitor books an online class, it automatically adjusts the scheduler so that you can foster personalized engagement and enhance user satisfaction.

Gym management software with custom mobile app for pilate studios

Tailored and personalized mobile applications transform the aspect of your business. It becomes the reason for reaping benefits. For example, you can enhance the visibility of less-known services to catch the attention of your application’s visitors. Let us explore more advantages of using the mobile application of the Wellyx gym management software in the following points:

Secured payment methods

Visitors to mobile applications of Wellyx gym management software can easily book services. In addition, they can buy memberships and packages using different payment methods. Wellyx custom mobile app offers Stripe, GoCardless, Paytab, and card payments.

Reduce no shows

User-friendly mobile reservation system reduces no-shows and cancellations. Taking complete advantage of push notifications and automated reminders that make members careful about their classes. 

Enhance member experience

Ultimately, the custom mobile app of Wellyx gym management software enhances the member experience. It fosters loyalty, improves the satisfaction of customers, and increases engagement. Indeed, this strategy is the foundation to build long-lasting relationships with members. 

Point of sale (POS) system

A simple and secure POS system of Wellyx’s gym management software builds customers’ trust by offering real-time transaction visibility. It creates transparency and reduces the chances of errors. However, we also offer the same robust POS system in the custom mobile application. So that you find convenience in managing sales and inventory.

Check the purchasing history of customers.

Knowing the purchasing trends of members helps you to understand the expectations of members so you can craft strategies accordingly. You can check the purchasing histories of members from the admin access of mobile applications.

Control access to specific areas of the studio

However, complete access to your fitness studio comes into your hands after integrating the Pilate management system. But with  Wellyx’s custom mobile app, you can restrict entries on some specific areas for robust security.

Helps in running targeted marketing campaigns

Run targeted marketing campaigns using  Wellyx’s mobile application of the Wellyx gym management software. You can target people of common age groups, demographics, and gender. It is possible from the mobile application. You just need to make a few clicks. This strategy gains the interest of customers and increases the chances of conversion.

Staff management

Checking staff attendance records from your mobile phone streamlines multiple administrative tasks. For example, you can also use the mobile application of Wellyx’s gym management software for time tracking. It saves your time and budget. At the same time, it helps you with shift scheduling. Meanwhile, the chances of errors will reduce to zero. You can easily communicate and coordinate with your staff using the mobile application.

Gym management software with custom mobile app for pilate studio

Adaptability to trends

Pilate studio owners need to meet industry trends to ensure the success of their business. Having a mobile application for your Pilate studio is not just a fleeting fad. It offers potential advancements in how people approach fitness. By effectively using the Wellyx custom mobile app, you can show the specialty of your studio. You can automate sending birthday wishes to your members to foster a long-term relationship.

Furthermore, you can guide your members with workout methodologies when they communicate with you through the mobile application. It is about shaping your future in the fitness industry. Therefore, it is important to adapt the significant and substantive shifts for the continuous growth of your business.

Competitive edge

There is very tough competition in the health and fitness industry. Wellyx’s custom mobile app always gives you a competitive edge. It is because visitors become familiar with your brand before membership enrollment. However, the mobile application is a tangible manifestation of the studio’s commitment. It promotes member-centric practices and enhances operational efficiency as well. Such performance enhancement builds your Pilate studio’s reputation and pushes you to generate more profits than your competitors.

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